Freitag, 8. April 2016

Anyone interested?

English isn´t my native language. So it´s much less stressful for me to write in German. But if the majority of you is interested in what I blabber about I would consider to continue in English.
But be warned, what I talk about ain´t that interesting. It´s just one old fuck talking about noisy music and things that bother him. So more like a personal diary.  Thx for participating.

Do you want me to continue this blog in english?
Pff, I don´t care man
Yes please, I´m interested in what you have to say
Nee lass gut sein, deutsch reicht
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4 Kommentare:


Yes sir, definitely !
Here's the thing about blogs I know for a fact, you never get many comments or feedback, that's just the way it is.
I've thought of shutting down my blog many times, cause I think no one cares. But there are some that care, not alot, but the few :)
I worked on this blog for years: And I didn't even get any credit for editing, or creating We're Still Pissed!!! comps, or anything I did, cause Dan who runs the blog is an idiot ! He got more comments then any blog I know, and I did 50% of the work :)
My blog, rarely ever gets any comments, but I realize it's really not about the comments, it's about the fact that you and me care about Hardcore, and try our best to keep that spirit alive !
Hopefully some day we may get some comments or thanks for good work !
But all that doesn't really matter, although i'd like to think people actually do care ! :)
I love your blog, wish you would post more ! :)
I need to post more too ! :)

Peace & Love, oldschooolmike


haha, also no one hardly listened to my radio show, but I keep it going til the end ! :)

Robi_Wan hat gesagt…

Comments like this keep my motor running. Thx so much!


haha, you are welcome Brother ! :)