Tuesday, November 14, 2023

How REEKING CROSS blew my mind

Another party I attended late!! The 1st time I was punished by REEKING CROSS was when I first heard the split 7" with out of this world grindcore band SICK DESTROYER from Czechoslovakia. (Will be featured here soon as well). 

But lets talk about REEKING CROSS in general first. Noisegrind from Sterling, VA USA. Holy cow they left me speechless and drooling. Ultra harsh and not giving a shit about good artwork or even track titles. When you read "30 Untitled Tracks" in 4:33miuntes you know you are in for a treat. Thats what you can expect from their split Cd with Sidetracked. When I heard that 30 songs I did something I didn´t do in more than 15yrs: I BOUGHT A COMPCT DISC!!!



 I managed to play that 30 songs 4 times in a row on my way home from work. 120 songs and I guess I will play it thousand times more. There are not enough words to describe how harsh, brutal, pissed and ugly REEKING CROSS sounds.

They already released a ton of material since 2015 but like I said I only discovered them this year (2023).

I am unabled to describe them or compare the to other bands. Check em out yourself! But you have been warned, high addictive for the true noise fans:

 Reeking Cross - Split w/ Sidetracked


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