Freitag, 25. Juli 2008


At the moment I´m not able to post any music here because I´m renovating my flat on a grand scale. Shitty job, I tell you! My local do-it-yourself store rolls out the red carpet everytime I go there!

This is what my living room and my corridor looks like at the moment (Click to enlarge):

Hahahaha, check out the 30 years old wallpapers I found under the recent wallpapers!!
When I´m ready with with the living room and the corridor, the bedroom and the guest room are on the turn!
Right now I´m able to post this crappy informations about my life because adhesive dissolver to dissolve the old carpet has an hour of residence time! :-/
Take care!


xEssigyouthx hat gesagt…

was für ein stress!
also ich würde einfach umziehen :mongolol:

Robi_Wan hat gesagt…

[X] Eigenheimbesitzer!
(Nicht Punk)

chrisapproach hat gesagt…

all power to the eigenheimpunx!(mega punk da diy und unabhängig)