Mittwoch, 10. September 2014

BARGE - No Gain 7"

hardhitting HARDcore. like ssd never went into hard rock hell and recorded the follow up to "get it away" with the usual modern twist in 2013. sort of...

you can get the digital version of the 7" for free on their bandcamp site. great service but like always: don't forget to buy the vinyl if you dig it.

honorable mention: cut the cord that...records for releasing the demo tape in a quantitiy of 100 pieces.already sold out.

the band ???


Mittwoch, 3. September 2014


would have loved attending these two shows. they look like fun.

Sonntag, 31. August 2014

SFN & IN DISGUST - Split 7"

scorded this pretty cheap at the bay. in comparison to this the hummingbird of death 5" is an opera haha. the cuts or better named fragments of both bands are over in seconds, otherwise they wouldn't have fit onto one side of a 7" record. pretty strange artwork and no lyrics included...nevertheless i liked the idea of a one sided split 7" and in disgust so what the heck.



Freitag, 4. Juli 2014

HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - Archaic Technologies 2 5,25 Disk

this one in english again because i need all the help i can get.i'm continuing where i left off with the masakari post...WELCOME BACK TO NERDVANA:

the dudes of HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH seem to like unusual formats when it comes to releasing their aural assaults of musick.they put out a 5",a 6" and a 10" so far.
but this time they top all of that with a 5,25 zoll floppy disk limitied to 100 pieces which contains only one with the masakari 7" rob and i of course had to order 2 copies haha!

now to all of you : it's pretty hard to find an old computer which still has a floppy disk drive in these if any of you knows how to transfer the included song off of the disk onto a pc let me know.

UPDATE: i got in contact with mike from HOD to clarify -> the song on the disk is NOT "archaic technologies" from the "show us the meaning of haste" can only be found on the floppy help me out here!


behind the scenes story:

"First we will start with the end of the story: our floppy disk single "Archaic Technologies 2" is now available for free on our brand spanking new bandcamp page.

Now for some background: around 2007-08 I got my hands on a bunch of 5-1/4" floppy disks. I thought, "I know bands have released music on 3-1/2" floppies, but has anyone ever done 5-1/4"??" We saw an opportunity to do something that had maybe never been done before! We wrote a song called "Archaic Technologies" with the intention of using it to fulfill this exciting flight of fantasy. The only problem was that we weren't sure how to make this happen. We didn't have access to the necessary equipment. Eventually we put "A.T." on the Dead Stare split, and later on the "Show Us" LP. But we didn't give up. In 2010 we were determined to make this happen, and we wrote a sequel to "A.T." This would be "Archaic Technologies 2." And finally, our friend and computer whiz Joe Shumway came up with the answer. He obtained a 5-1/4" floppy drive and installed it into a late-90s-era computer that ran Windows 98. We now had the ability to reformat and put mp3s onto our disks in a fairly short amount of time. After a few evening sessions in the summer of 2011, Joe and I went through 100 disks that still worked, and there was our "pressing."

I kinda hoped the novelty of the release would inspire people to buy a copy and help support the band. We promised from the day it was announced that the song would be posted online for free once all 100 disks were gone. But it turns out that people don't want to buy music on formats they can't use. Fancy that. So we've been giving them away to people who bought other merch from us. They are finally gone now, and the song is now up on bandcamp as promised. Enjoy. Look for some of our other releases to show up there in the future. Listen to Absu."

Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2014

DARK HANSEN - Schluessel LP

na da kann ich ja eigentlich alles an lobhudelei übernehmen,was ich schon bei der sodium lp verzapft habe haha.

eine weitere tolle veröffentlichung aus dem hause tief in marcellos schuld records aus dem norden deutschlands. das label kommt aus hamburg, DARK HANSEN aus flensburg. vom gefühl her fallen mir so bands wie lt. mosh oder zodiac als vergleich ein: ein wenig metal, ein wenig punk, eine prise atmosphäre dargeboten mit tollen deutschen texten. für unseren internationalen freunde gibts das ganze noch in englischer übersetzung.

bei dem artwork haben sich die marcellos wieder mal nicht lumpen lassen. farbiges vinyl, ein tolles cover (bestens als tattoomotiv geeignet) und eine schön gestaltete b seite der lp machen dieses zu einer ganz heissen kauffempfehlung meinerseits. viel sympathischer gehts eigentlich nicht. 11 von 10 punkten.

buy this beautiful lp if you like bands like lt. mosh or zodiac and your dose of punk with a bit of metal and atmosphere.recommended to the mäx!

b seite
the hansens live

Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2014

FAMINE YEAR - Tervetuola tilastoihin 7"

great finnish hardcore/ crust/ metal/ grind/ allmixedtogether 7'' from 2012.

check it out!

famineyear @ bandcamp

Freitag, 16. Mai 2014

V.A. - Mein Comp 7"

 an exeptional compilation on youth attack records mocking the book "my fight" of adolf hitler and comparing him with george bush and beeing a racist american in general. you can see it in the pictures i made of the artwork.

speaking of artwork: it's pretty special also taking a sidepunch at the collectors idea of vinyl through destroying the value of the 7" using the inner side of the sleeve for spray painting george bushs silhuette and a bull's eye onto any possible concrete. a manual is included, awesome idea!

but enough of the artwork, back to the music:

- the knife fight singer sure listened to NA for sure.just great like their first 7".

-the only real letdown is das oath for me. way to chaotic and a way to high screaming singer. but i don't like screamo at all so what a surprise...

- limp wrist prove they were a truly cool hardcore band rocking for 0:22 seconds (like los crudos/needles still do).

- i don't know anything about john brown's army but their singer rocks and they recorded the lead guitar in the song way too loud.

- the punch in the face singer sure listened to slapshot a lot. check out the more up to date pillage for further examples.

- tear it up, reagan ss and gate crashers just trash it up all the way like often executed in their hopefully known and owned singles and lps.

- last in line lastly feature another great singer in their ranks. check out their singles!

bush art in the inner side of sleeve
bull's eye art in the inner side of the sleeve

nerd info also printed inside the sleeve...

insert side 1
vinyl side a
vinyl side b

back of sleeve

insert side 2

Montag, 5. Mai 2014

V.A. - Nothing Lasts 7"

a great sampler from bitzcore records/flexbook with a ton of great bands from back in the day: articles of faith, flag of democracy, mourning noise, black market baby, offenders and toxic reasons. everything on this sampler form 1991 is already released but i got it pretty cheap so i thought what the hell...there are some cracks in the toxic reasons song which i couldn't erase but again what the hell.
i think it suits the punk value of the song well.


Freitag, 18. April 2014

TRAINWRECK - Live 16.04.2014 @ Gleis 22

trainwreck die zweite. nach 2010 waren meine erwartungen recht hoch und wurden nicht enttäuscht. 
das gefühl war genau wie schon hier beschrieben. immer wieder großartig wenn eine band live einfach loslegt und sich nicht um vermeintliche coolness kümmert. dann gabs noch ne ansage von wegen "so viele bekannte gesichter hier, das ist ja wie nach hause kommen". 
feine sache und top symapthische band!

foto von

foto von

foto von

foto von

Dienstag, 15. April 2014


hardcorepunk die 1000ste...beim anfang des zweiten songs überkam mich ein wenig die panik ob des langsamen anfangs. dann wurde das gaspedal aber wieder schön durchgetreten, also alles gut.
4 songs, 3 in schwedisch einer in englisch vocaltechnisch dargebracht, ein paar chöre gibts obendrauf.

was mich bei der 7" kickt ist das nähmaschinenmäßige schlagzeug. bis auf den erwähnten langsamen teil im zweiten song gibt der trommler immer von anfang bis ende vollgas. quasi wie 7 seconds auf nem dbeat trip. die erfahrenen leute von wolfbrigade, svart sno, acursed, sayyadina, martyrdöd, to what end?, etc. wissen halt wies geht.

endlich mal wieder selbst gerissen das zeug - schon länger her seit dem letzten mal.


innen 1

innen 2


Samstag, 29. März 2014

NARSAAK - 1990-1999

eine von der band selbst zusammengestellte auf 100 exemplare limitierte kompilation cd ihrer eigenen singles und split singles mit stack, dead beat und notwehr. die singles holt ihr euch natürlich trotzdem! 6 unveröffentlichte songs gibts oben drauf, zum teil in kroatisch gesungen.

ach ja die obligatorische bandbeschreibung ergibt düster angehauchten im midtempo bereich gehaltenen hardcorepunk.


Mittwoch, 12. März 2014

Äni(X)Väx - Live auf Teneriffa + Live in Sindelfingen

letztens hab ich mal wieder mit rotz abgehangen und dabei ein tape mit im titel genannten aufnahmen einer der ersten punkbands aus münster/westfalen digitalisiert.

ein schöner nachmittag war das!

die erste aufnahme wurde 1984 im kronenburgkeller zu münster aufgenommen, vielleicht als ne art demotape?! die zweite aufnahme wurde auf nem konzert in sindelfingen am 27.09.1986 mitgeschnitten. recht kurzweilig und unterhaltsam das ganze. unter anderem wurde nach dem dünnsten arm und dem dümmsten gesicht gesucht.

mehr als das gehörte hab ich in der nachbearbeitung nicht rausholen können. die aufnahmequalität ist somit wie man das für deutschpunk anno 1984/86 erwarten kann dem genre angemessen.

die band war wie es sich damals im untergrund gehörte stark im tapetraderuniversum unterwegs und kam so auf recht viele samplerbeiträge auf kassetten. als richtig offizielles gabs nur das teneriffa tape und 4 lp beiträge. 

adam riese und ein späterer ultimo mitarbeiter (stadtillustrierte in münster) zupften bzw. rumpelten sich damals ordentlich einen zurecht mit ihrer version des damaligen deutschpunks. am noch bekanntesten dürfte der song "schock und drama" über die damalige labelpolitik von rock o rama records sein.

ein je nach interpretation wichtiges zeitdokument...


Freitag, 28. Februar 2014

IDLE HANDS - Same 7"

für marvin. ich hab die songs nochmal nachbearbeitet, sollte jetzt laut genug sein. ansonsten stimmt noch alles geschriebene des ausgangsposts:

Idle Hands was a younger band with not so old members from my hometown which plays quality music in the vain of old Buzzcocks or The Wipers. Awesome melodic and sing along kick ass stuff! Check out the song "Eternal Isolation". Soooo good! Even Rob likes this haha.

The members of Idle Hands also play in bands like Press Gang and The Missing Shadows.
If you know them good for you if not check them out.The local skatepunks from Three Chords Records put this 7" out as #3 in late 2008 and it's already sold out. Check out Kink Records from Germany if you want one of the last copies.

I asked Markus from Three Chords if I could post the 7" here and he said no problem. A lot of links here. Click 'em!


Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014

LANDVERRAAD - No Love for a Nation 7"

female fronted (sometimes really) fast hardcore with intelligent lyrics written in russian,dutch and english from the netherlands. explanations are included. i like that. like government flu they put their stuff up for free download here. so for me it worked like it's supposed to be: check out an band/record through a download and then BUY THEIR STUFF to support them.

Freitag, 7. Februar 2014

PILLAGE - Demo 2013

pretty good stuff by this punch in the face/los crudos/mk ultra personnel. it's like choke of slapshot sang on the first knife fight 7".

i won't provide you with a downlad link because the fine guys at regurgitated semen records will be releasing this demotape on 7" in 02/14. look out for that, the tape itself is long gone.

last note: their siege cover rocks!

Samstag, 25. Januar 2014


what a team-up,this is definetly the best split release in 2013. nothing more to add, just an awesome combination of two of the best current hardcore bands. nice intro in the beginning of the last to the point song by the way!

ttp cover
pys cover
pys label
ttp label
pys inlay