Tuesday, November 14, 2023

How REEKING CROSS blew my mind

Another party I attended late!! The 1st time I was punished by REEKING CROSS was when I first heard the split 7" with out of this world grindcore band SICK DESTROYER from Czechoslovakia. (Will be featured here soon as well). 

But lets talk about REEKING CROSS in general first. Noisegrind from Sterling, VA USA. Holy cow they left me speechless and drooling. Ultra harsh and not giving a shit about good artwork or even track titles. When you read "30 Untitled Tracks" in 4:33miuntes you know you are in for a treat. Thats what you can expect from their split Cd with Sidetracked. When I heard that 30 songs I did something I didn´t do in more than 15yrs: I BOUGHT A COMPCT DISC!!!



 I managed to play that 30 songs 4 times in a row on my way home from work. 120 songs and I guess I will play it thousand times more. There are not enough words to describe how harsh, brutal, pissed and ugly REEKING CROSS sounds.

They already released a ton of material since 2015 but like I said I only discovered them this year (2023).

I am unabled to describe them or compare the to other bands. Check em out yourself! But you have been warned, high addictive for the true noise fans:

 Reeking Cross - Split w/ Sidetracked


#reekingcross #noisegrind #noisecore #ultraharsh 

HERESY´S "Never healed" 7" got proper reissue and it turned out amazing


After 37 years HERESY´S Never healed flexi ep received a proper reissue as a real solid vinyl 7" on Short Fuse records. The flexi was Earache Records #1

The repress contains a lyric sheet with liner notes from Kalv on how the OG flexi has been recorded and published. Back then every printing company refused to print such a gory cover. So the 2 coloured, xeroxed cover was a compromise to get the flexi out. They wanted to sell it for a most reasonable price so they had to make compromises in production and sleeve. Thus they were able to sell the flexi for 50 British pennies / 1 US $. Unfortunately the repress is way more expesive obviously.

The repress is true eye candy. Additional to the mentioned lyric sheet it has a massive sticker of the artwork and a huge 2-sided poster with collages of photos from the time period when the flexi has been made. Heresy on this recording were Kalv, Steve and Reevsy.

Insane job from Short Fuse records who already released records from Ripcord, Uniform Approach (Steve from HERESY), Plasmid (Reevsy from HERESY), Lärm and so on

I played the flexi and the vinyl 7" right after each other and I guess you can imagine that the repress sounds way better.

#heresy #neverhealed #earache #shortfuse #flexi # repress #ukhardcore 

ROTTEN SOUND - Drain Testpressing


I got my hands on 1 of 5 testpressings of ROTTEN SOUNDs classic Drain ep. The repress on Back on Black records with a plain white sleeve and a promo sheet with the track list. The seller claimed that there are 5 copies but he couldn´t prove that, so I contacted Back on Black and received a confirmation.

The regular pressing has been pressed on red wax. So these are only five copies on black. :-D

OG pressing on SOA records!

I don´t like plain white sleeves so I did another DIY cover. I already made some sleeves for several other testpressings in my posession. This is just for me so I don´t bother numbering them. I know there is just one copy of each.

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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Car HiFi Update

 I told you that this blog is going to be more personal. So I post whatever I want.

I inherited a Mazda Cx5 from 2018 from my dad who passed away in August 2023.

It´s a nice ride but the car stereo sounded like shit! I mean REALLY bad!

 My new ride: Mazda cx5

So I updated it with a nice car hifi system because I have a long way to work and I love to hear music while I drive. I asked the guy from the car hifi service /HFB Audio) for a cleaner and louder sound. He recommended an amplifier and subwoofer from a very good German car audio company called "Audiotec Fischer".

I told him that I don´t want to spent thousands of Euros and that I don´t want to waste a lot of space in my trunk for a massive subwoofer. He recommended a cool plug and play system called Match M 5.4DSP (amp) and Match PP 8E-Q (subwoofer). A pretty small system but with an outstanding result.

It makes every Agathocles rehearsal room recording into a Slayer production :-D

MATCH M 5.4DSP                                        MATCH PP 8E-Q




I am not sponsored by Audiotec Fish nor HFB Audio. But I recommend both!

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Wednesday evening tunes:

Playlist of the eving. Short listening sesh, have to get up early. I hate the early shift at work.

HELLNATION with the latest pressing of their 1st album. With Albert (RIP) not on drums but on bass and backup vocals. The repress comes with a proper inlay with photos and lyrics and three bonus tracks!! The 1st press came out on Sound Pullution 30yrs ago. Dang I'm old! Repress on Fight for your mind records / France

NAXEN ist a German Black Metal band on Vendetta records. Great atmospheric BM. Unfortunately the blastbeats could have been produced louder! I love this album anyway. A new album is in the making right now.

I don't know why VERMIN WOMB signed with Closed Casket Activities, a label known mainly for their hardcore releases. But who cares? This album is insanly hard. It's the band's most brutal release yet. No compromise grindcore. So hard it almost tends to noisecore. Very unusual for Closed Casket. But I am greatful that they stepped out of their comfort zone with this album. 

Last but not least CRYPTIC VOID's latest release. EU pressing on Regurgite Semen, US pressing on To live a lie. C. V. origin from Huston Tx. and you know what that means. Members of Insect Warfare, Nibiru, Türbokrieg etc. So it's no coincidence that CRYPTIC VOID sound like they do. A mix of the named above. Great production as well. Exactly how I love my grindrecords to sound. If you want to do me a favour, get me a copy of their 5" lathe cut from 2015. The only release I'm missing of this allstar band :-D

Good night

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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

VERIFY - s/t & BODY PARTS - Count the dead 7" Lathe cuts

 Double feature = double the fun. If Sandro from Regurgitate Semen (RSR) puts out another release for his lath cut series I don´t have to check out the bands. But if you like to, or even download the tracks, I will provide bandcamp links. But I highly recommend you that you order the lathe cuts from RSR anyway!! I already postet the Hail of Rage lathe cut before. They are handnumbered and limited to 50 pieces every time. So don´t sleep on it.

Starting with VERIFY. Harsh punky hardcore / powerviolence. Do you remeber PUNCH from San Francisco with their popular female fronted fast hardcore songs around 2008 - 2014? Well this is like a snotty punk version without the twostep parts. Really pissed off and raw. Some might know SICK SHIT and their insanely overlooked "Softcore" cassette? Well, you get the idea. Power violence!!! Not the fastest kind but the really angry sounding!! Members of VILE INTENT. Man that reminds me to pull out my VILE INTENT records from the shelf. Haven´t played them way too long!!

VERIFY bandcamp


Next we have BODY PARTS from Massachusetts. A two piece band / project (?) with members of famous bands like CONVULSIONS / WOUND MAN / BREATHING FIRE / xFILES / RIVAL MOB etc etc. They sound like a noisey low fi version of bands like Extortion. Slow slugdy parts take turns with fast harsh parts that wanna make you smash your living room. Not for the weak!. Always some low fi electronic noise in the background and between the songs. This lathe cut has been released before as a cassette but without the b-side which consists electronic noise only :-D

BODY PARTS bandcamp

Monday, October 23, 2023

Fuck corporate Death Metal


Making Death Metal exclusive again? Fuck that shit, fuck Nuclear Blast, fuck Brujeria.

Since Nuclear Blast Records has been sold to a huge French company prices like this became common.

(Sure, I´m going to buy this some day, but only as sale or 2nd hand!!!)

#fuckcorporatedeathmetal #fucknuclearblast

HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - Archaic Technologies 2 Floppy disk


2011 was the year. I was already inhaling everything H.o.D. released. Even if I wasn´t able to listen to it like this little gem. I guess the kids from today don´t even know what this is! :-D I ordered all the good stuff from Mike, the drummer of Hummingbird of death. Back then postage from the US to Europe was affordable. Here we have an obscure floppy disk. Up to date I haven´t been able to play this song from this floppy version but there is a song called "Archaic technologies" on HoD´s - Show us the meaning of haste Lp. If you know if there is a difference or if theses songs are completely different songs feel free to comment! Swine Records #6

Cars waste gasoline, fuck them. X=Bos is stupid, fuck that. CDs are obsolete, fuck them. Time to ride my bike everywhere, play Super NES and blast records on my turntable!

Hummingbird of death - Bandcamp

#fastcore #ultrafastcore #hardcore #hummingbirdofdeath #speedcore #powerviolence #nogrindcore #boiseidaho

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Now for something completely different

On September 2023 I married my best friend. Feels pretty good. 


Tuesday, September 19, 2023



I don't even know how I stumbled across Impulse Noise anymore, but I was hooked the moment I first heard their music. No wait, NOW I remember where I first read their name: Through an IG posting of French grinders WHORESNATION who I love so much. These two toured the US west coast together, riiight!!! Like I said, I was amazed when I first checked them out. So I imediately ordered their two tapes. One of them is a split tape w/ Oaklands antifascist grinders CHOKE so that tape couldn't go wrong. :-D
IMPULSE NOISE were so kind to throw in their recent tour tape / 2023 demo. Such nice blokes. The tapes are amazing. I understand that they had severeal line up changes so all 3 tapes have different singers. But the hard grind sound with a slightly noise influence stayed the same.
My favourite recordings are on mentioned split tape.

Check em out and order their tapes:

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about REVENGE?


Often I can tell what´s going to be the next big thing before lots of other people when it comes to Grindcore / Power Violence. On the other hand I´m late to parties regularly. I almost missed the big REVENGE party completely. I discovered them just 2023 when they already released a ton of records. I mean their 1st output is from 2001. Imagine listening to to Terrorizers "World downfall" album for the 1st time in 2023 :-D

Anyway better late than never. I gave them a try when Season of Mist records had a vinyl blowout and I was wondering what to order besides Rotten Sound´s "Apocalypse" and Abbath´s "Dread Reaver". Two records I refused to pay about 30€ when they came out.

But I´m drifting away. How insane is REVENGE? What would you call their music style? They call it Black Metal??????? It´s raw, it´s brutal, it´s sick but it doesn´t even sound metal to me! But who cares?

How would you describe it? To me it sounds like DROPDEAD on steroids covering the fastest old Marduk songs you can imagine recorded to a broken walkman from 1980 and cranked everything up to 11!!!. Ok there is a connection to Black Metal now. 

But what do I know? I´m just a poser who discovered "Scum Defection" in 2023. But there have been few bands that blew me away like REVENGE did. The only thing I don´t like are those harmonized vocals but I didn´t like those on Carcass´ "Reek of putrefection" either back in 1988. And those computer vocals are the reason I don´t like lots of Goregrind bands. Good thing is REVENGE use it rarely.

Let me know what your favourite REVENGE release is. I don´t know all of them yet but until then "Behold.Total.Rejection" is my fave!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Happy 35th birthday FETO


Today marks the 35th birthday of the best Napalm Death album ever. Yes you read that right: it´s better than Scum!! Unfortunately I´m stuck at my night shift, but I found a photo of my FETO carpet!!! Yeah that´s how much I love that album and it´s iconic artwork, I have a carpet im my man cave! :-D


Hail of Rage - Lathe cut

First off, I'm thrilled about how good lathe cut records are sounding these days. I have been looking forward to get one of these babies since Sandro from RSR announced them to me half a year ago. Everbody who´s into Powerviolence knows about this famous band from Connecticut. Their 7" "Fucking pissed" belongs to theses legendary PV records from the mid 90s. 

This lathe cut 7" is in the same vein as the mentioned gem from 1994. What do you expect? :-D
Get your copy from Regurgitate Semen records. It´s limited and handumbered to 50 copies

Monday, September 11, 2023

I'm back!

 This time just for myself. It has been ages. So much to tell.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Anyone interested?

English isn´t my native language. So it´s much less stressful for me to write in German. But if the majority of you is interested in what I blabber about I would consider to continue in English.
But be warned, what I talk about ain´t that interesting. It´s just one old fuck talking about noisy music and things that bother him. So more like a personal diary.  Thx for participating.

Do you want me to continue this blog in english?
Pff, I don´t care man
Yes please, I´m interested in what you have to say
Nee lass gut sein, deutsch reicht
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Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Holy Crap! Da ich INTERNAL ROT total abfeier und diese durch die letzte Split mit MANHUNT bewiesen haben, daß sie gerade qualitativ auf der Spitze ihres Schaffens angkommen sind, musste ich mir natürlich die neuste Split mit MELLOW HARSHER besorgen, obwohl ich diese Band bis dato gar nicht kannte. Da INTERNAL ROT so überzeugen wissen und RSR die Finger bei dieser 7" mit im Spiel haben, war mir das egal, daß mir die Band der Split Seite gar nichts sagte.
Heute bin ich endlich dazu gekommen, die Platte aufzulegen, die durch Zufall bei mir mit MELLOW HARSHER begann. Seit der ersten Sekunde hänge ich wie ein sabberndes Etwas in der Ecke. Holy cow, was für ein geiler Krach. Grind/PV hart an der Grenze zum Noisecore. Also wirklich harsh!!!
Ich krieg mich gar nicht mehr ein, wie gut die sind. Ich brauch ganz schnell die anderen Veröffentlichungen von denen. Am besten gleich das Disco Tape!!
Hammer geile 7"!!!
Was? Wer? INTERNAL ROT? Ja klar auch super, aber hab ich erwähnt wie mega gut MELLOW HARSHER sind...? :-D

Hier die Bandcamp Links zu beiden Bands, obwohl die Vinyl versionen noch geiler klingen:



Ps. Auch mal schön zu sehen, dass 625Thrashcore mal wieder ein Lebenszeichen von sich gibt!

Platte unbedingt bestellen:

Friday, April 1, 2016

HAYMAKER - Rolling in a pit of glass

...aka Live at CIUT. Dritte Pressing Variante der Live im Radio-Studio 7" die 2007 schon raus kam. Vielleicht erinnert sich wer. Damals erschien sie provisorisch mit 2 DIY Covern weil die Band es wohl nicht geschissen gekriegt hat die Live Aufnahmen zu übermitteln, die einer offiziellen Version als DVD beiliegen sollte. Einfach mal hier die Suchfunktion nutzen... 2014 kam ne dritte, irgendwie immernoch nicht offizielle Version raus. Und zwar zum RSD in Kanada in einer handnummerierten Auflage von 100 Stück. Komplett neues Cover und um die Verwirrung komplett zu machen mit einem komplett neuen Titel. Aber es handelt sich hier wie gesagt um die Live at CIUT 7". Zu Haymaker brauch ich ja nichts zu sagen....

Friday, March 18, 2016

SCUMGUTS - s/t 12"


Holy crap, was hat Axel TVG denn da an Land gezogen? Ich hatte bis dato noch nie von dieser neuen Aussi Grindcore Perle gehört. Darum war ich um so überraschter, als ich die Band zum ersten mal auf deren Bandcamp Seite gehört habe. Super tighter on point Grind, abwechslungsreich und und in allen Geschwindigkeiten ultra hart!! Der Gesang ist ultra brutal und klingt ehr  Hardcore-mäßig, als typisches Gegrunze oder Gekeife. Ich fand das Release so gut, dass ich mir gleich die auf 100 limitierte Version und ne Testpressung bestellt habe. Ok, da ich schon einige TVG Testpressungen habe, hätte ich mir denken können wie crude seine "TP mit alternativem Cover" aussieht....
Egal, viele TP kommen ganz ohne Cover... Und da die Testpressung auch nicht sonderlich teuer war, ist das schon ok so.
Anwärter der besten Grindcore 12" 2016!!!





Das 2015er Album "Weltschmerz" der Schweden TOTEM SKIN war für mich definitiv einer meiner Top 3 Platten 2015!!
Daher war mir klar, womit ich auf deren Seite dieser Split 7" zu rechnen hatte.
HEART ON MY SLEEVE waren mir bis dato gar nicht geläufig. Nach dem ich sie auf deren Bandcamp Seite ausgecheckt habe war mir klar, dass diese Collaboration auf Dog Knights Production der Oberknüller ist.
Da war ich schnell überzeugt die Bands und das kleine Label so zu supporten, dass ich mir gleich alle Versionen des Releases schicken lassen habe. Da passte einfach alles!
Transparent purple version auf 200 limitiert.
Smoke/ Clear Version auf 100 limitiert
Testpressung handnummeriert 9/15




Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ebay Fundstück der Woche:

Note to myself: Niemals die alten Metal Shirts wegwerfen, egal wie abgefuckt sie auch sind. Da kriegste bei eBay n kleines Vermögen für. Ich frage mich was für ein Depp da so viel Kohle für hinlegt. Der muss ja Kohle haben. Aber auch wenn, seltsamer Move..!! Das erinnert mich daran wie ich vor einigen Jahren meine alten Metal Aufnäher in der Bucht verkauft habe, da hab ich n ähnlichen Preis für ca 15 Patches bekommen habe. Unter anderem 70€ für einen einzigen Aufnäher, ich weiss gar nicht mehr welcher das war. Hauptsache OG... Metalheads sind "komisch"...

Monday, February 8, 2016

RAMMER- Siege of madness Lp

 Rammers zweites Album, das nie offiziell veröffentlicht wurde. Das Album "Siege of  madness" wurde aufgenommen bevor sich die Band 2008 aufgelöst hat. Wie gesagt wurde es bis dato nie richtig released. Keine Ahnung warum nicht. Es soll wohl noch irgendwann passieren, aber Schizophrenic Records haben ja Erfahrungen mit fertig gepressten Platten die nie richtig fertig wurden... Na wer weiss, wovon ich rede? ;-) Naja auf jeden Fall, wurden 100 Stück mit Silkscreened DIY Cover für den RSD 2014 rausgehauen. Ich würde mich nicht wundern, wenn dieses Album nie richtig erscheinen wird. Das würde diese Version noch cooler machen!! Dann würde es insgesamt nur 100 Stück von dem Album geben! Aber es wäre auch eine Schande, denn es ist so grossartig!!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

HAYMAKER - 10 Bucks Worth of Rope….

Ok I HAVE to share this with the world because it´s just too cool. Besides only 200 people can call this amazing set their own and it´s "never to be re-issued"!! This set combines 3 things I love:
- One of my alltime Top 5 Harcore bands HAYMAKER
- Pushead artwork
- Skateboarding (though I havent been skating for years anymore)

Musically the HAYMAKER 7" contains 2 skate-related tracks "Waxed curbes" and "Skate like shit" + 3 UNRELEASED songs!!! It has beed released by Murder Contest Records which is a A389 sub label. After the 2013 LEFT FOR DEAD 7" this is the second release on MURDER CONTEST. The 7" is only available in this set, so I had to step up. 4 people in Europe shared so much love for this band so they teamed up to order 4 sets of this insanity. Willem / LEFT FOR DEAD was one of these 4 EU maniacs and made this possible (THX Bro!) So 4 of these sets went from the US to the Netherlands (where Willem lives) to Sandro RSR (Office Team Haymaker / Germany) who sent me #158/200. Hardcore worldwide, I fucking love it! Compared to the listing at Discogs what this set is containing there are different versions of the including goodies. Mine lacks the listed FLATSPOT SKATES embroided patch and - sticker but has a 2nd Haymaker sticker that isn´t listed at Discogs. The Flatspot goodies aint that important to me so this is no big deal. Enough talking, let these pictures talk for this set!!!:

Oh, I just realized the the labels are reversed!!