Sonntag, 7. September 2008


This is some sort of request from the Mafia messagboard but I thought it is a cool idea to make it official and post it here. Unfortunately I only own a testpressing of the 2xlp and the split ep w/ DISRUPT which was their first release I realized. So I had to get all informations from the split ep and the internet. TUMIOPÄIVÄN LAPSET (which means `Children of doomsday´ I was told) was a Finnish punkband which existed from 1991 - 1998. That means that some releases seem to be `post mortem releases´. This 2xLp discography includes eps and compliation tracks from 1991 to 2003. The quality of the songs range from very cool to kinda crappy.
In my opinion the best songs are from their 1998 `Painukaa vituun´ 2xep and the `Vastusta tai paneke´ ep from 1999. Fast and pissed hardcorepunk (and in this period) with a woman singing. Theses songs shred! This two eps accord to song 35 to 54 on the 2nd lp. The other containing eps kinda bore me more or less. Lame crusty styled Punk with different male shouters.
I had to upload the lps seperartely. In MY opinion you only need the 2nd lp but if you want to have the complete discography you have to download them both.
Don´t blame me for some bad fade-outs at the end of some songs, because that how they originally sound on the discography! It was a lot of work tagging this 59 songs with all the Finnish titles.
TUOMIOPÄIVÄN LAPSET emerged from the legendary Finnish punk bands SORTO und GENOCIDE.
Have fun.

Country: Finnland
Label: Power it up
Year: 200
Format: 2xlp + 2xCd

Download LP I

Download Lp II

Samstag, 6. September 2008

PLF - Crushing Fury Of Bastardization LP PRE-ORDER

Now you can pre-order the second LP of PLF called "Crushing Fury Of Bastardization".
After a couple of split 7”s with bands like MASSGRAVE, UZI SUICIDE, UNHOLY GRAVE, MESRINE
and the "Pulverizing Lethal Force" album from 2007, here comes the second LP from
this Houston/Texas based grinding thrash commando including a DENAK cover.

Straight forward grindcore with heavily thrash influenced guitarwork will make your ears bleed.
Imagine ASSÜCK is playing SODOM songs in a dirty texan basement.
No bullshit - this is total ripping circle pit approved grindcore for the punks!

Pre-orders get BLUE VINYL for €10 a piece.

Postagecosts inside Germany: €4
Postagecosts inside the EU: €6
Postagecosts worldwide: €8

Send your orders to:

Cyness Records – Leipziger Str. 60, 14473 Potsdam, Germany

HARMS WAY - s/t 7"

Though I have tons of other records I´d like to post, I´m going to privilege this 7" because it has been a request of our loyal supporter `XessigyouthX´. So here it is buddy, the new HARM´S WAY 7". Well it ain´t that new anymore. I received my copy about 2 month ago. I had some hassle with the label Organized Crime where I purchased it, but HARM`S WAY were very kind and helped me solving the problem... Some people might think that H.W. are some kind of tough guy band because their singer makes Arnold Schwarzenegger look like Steve Urkel but be sure they ain´t jocks or even tough!
If you take them serious you cannot be helped. Come on, their bassplayer also plays in WEEKEND NACHOS...
Actually I wanted to dissociate from upload all the new released records but hey, this 7" is one-sided and has only 2 songs!! So I have a bad feeling telling you to buy this one, especially because these 2 songs will also appear on their upcoming album which is announced for fall 2008!! Musically their new material is more INTEGRITY style. Very heavy and not fast at all. Heavyweight breakdowns and very evil sounding. Yeah I think the comparison with INTEGRITY is very good. Lyrics on religion and anger for the entire human race. Scary huh? ;-) The limited grey wax version is sold out of course but you can purchase the regular verion without problems.

HARM´S WAY - s/t
Country: USA
Label: Organized Crime
Year: 2008
Format: 7" (one-sided)


HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - Diagnosis: delicious 7"

In my opinion this 7" is the best output from HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH to date. It´s called "Diagnosis: delicious" an the titel describes this 7" perfectly. As always: Turbo high speed thrashcore. The lyrics sometimes hilarioius (bully moshpit), sometimes serious (black is the new white)but always VERY good. H.O.D. are one of the top bands when it comes to the new wave of power violence. I guess I don´t have to tell you anymore about how good this band is. I mean, what can go wrong when a band calls a song `Hope you like infest´? Go download their 5" and their split 10" I posted earlier. The band is preparing a lot of new releases and attendances on some compilations, so stay on the alert.
Ah, can somebody provide me the songs from the demo tape and the split 7" w/ Pile Of Maggot Infested Viscera? Thx.

HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - Diagnosis: delicious
Country: USA
Label: I-Deal / 625 Thrash / Give praise
Year: 2006
Format: 7"