Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2008


Okay I distance myself from uploading recently released records. That´s why I just have some recommendations for you. At the moment these records run on heavy rotation here:
First off, THE ARSON PROJECT proves that the grindcore crown simply belongs to Sweden!
A hard cometition for ROTTEN SOUND. High end death-grind as you expect from a Swedish band. The vocals sound more agressive and less death-metalish than the ROTTEN SOUND vocal works. Power it up records got their hands on a VERY promising act here.

Okay the LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER album called "Extinction" has already been released in 2007 but maybe some of you grind maniacs have missed this great album. You may have recognised them from their massive amount of split releases. If you dig high quality old school grind like old NAPALM DEATH or even CATHETER (who have a new singer btw. which they share a great split 7" with), then you have to check out LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER. I love their 80s Trash Metal guitar sound! Awsome grind attack from spain with members of legendary grind gods DENAK. Great cover artwork and nice gatefold cover, also released by Power it up.

Yesterday I received the new SSS album called "The dividing line". No let down here. I love the 1st album of this British skate maniacs and this new one is at least as good as their 1st one. Better? I don´t know yet. Incredible mix between 80s Trash metal and hardcore. If you like MUNICIPAL WASTE or BONES BRIGADE you should check them out. The Lp contains a bonus 7" with a sticker that advices you to support independent stores. Strange message when you are on EARACHE...
If you like to sell or trade their 1st 7" called "Cliff Burton" get in touch!

And now for something completely different: Do you dig modern classic? Well I do! One of my favourite composer is OLAFUR ARNALS from Island. I listend to his 1st album called "Eulogy for evoloution" a lot. This makes me relax, I just love it. The new mini album (Cd/10") "Variations of Static" gives me the heebie-jeebies again. Like his album this mini album mixes classical music and discreet modern drum beats. OLAFUR already composed some intros for some Metal bands. If you are open minded take my advice and give it a listen.

Mittwoch, 15. Oktober 2008

97a - Society´s running on empty

This is a spontaneous post. I was browsing through my record shelf, wondering what I would like to hear on the upcoming weekend trip with the adolescents I´m in charge of. Then I grabbed the "Society´s running on empty.." 12" of the mighty 97a. I thought "Hell yeah, haven´t heard this bastard for a while. Let´s check the net to get it digital". Strangely all I found was talking about their Eps and the "Abandon future" Lp. That´s kinda inapprehensible to me because this 12" is at least as good as their previous stuff. It´s even faster and aggressive the their early stuff. What I love most about 97a is that they made my days in a time where shitty Youth Crew hardcore bored me to death (1997 - 1999). This was an isle of political high speed thrash in a sea of positive mama´s boys´ hardcore. No slow shit here, always full speed. 17 songs in 13 minutes! So it was like a duty to digitalize my record and upload it for you and me.
There has been a reunion in 2006 but no new output since then. Check out their Myspace side for further infomations on that issue an even a new demo song. This is how many bands would like to sound nowadays. Check out this pioneering thrash sound from 1999. Furious stuff...

97a - Society´s running on empty
Country: USA
Label: Teamwork
Year: 1999
Format: 12" + Cd


Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2008

SKEEZICKS - No second chance Lp

Though I actually need a time off blogging, I feel like I owe this posting to Count Yorga for beeing a faithful visitor of Mosh Eisley. Plus this band deserves a real posting. Normally I wouldn´t have digitalized this record because I don´t like live albums plus the sound quality sucks too much. What would you expect from theRip-off label No. 1 LOSTnFOUND? Even the band recommended not to buy this Lp. I upgraded it with some bass boosts because the sound was so thin you couldn´t hardly enjoy this album. I also cut the songs and upgraded them with fade ins and -outs because otherwise it would have sounded bad because of the screaming live audience between the songs. So with all the efforts I thinks it´s worth a posting.
Okay SKEEZICKS actually don´t need any introducion. Along with the SPERMBIRDS they have been one of the first hardcore bands in Germany. Okay there have been many punkbands already but SKEEZICKS presented the early American style HC. As you can hear a major influece has been NEGATIVE APPROACH whose "Nothing" is also covered on this live Lp. The singer of SKEEZICKS sounded very similar to John Brannon. At least he tried to. I like their Lp and especially their 7" a lot and they remind me of the good old times. This live Lp features the farewell show which took place on 20.4.1991, years after the 7" and the "Selling out" Lp have been released.
Armin the bass player of SKEEZICK also runs the X-Mist Label and - mailorder where you HAD to order when you wanted to get Hardcore records from around the world back in the eighties. I don´t remember how much money I spent ordering from X-Mist in the end of the eighties. X-Mist records is still existing nowadays btw.
The KFTH page just told me that there was a SKEEZICKS discography Cd released by 625 Thrash. Get it and listen to the songs taken from the "There´s a Charlie brown in everyone of us" 7". Theses songs rock!! Maybe I´m going to post this 7" in the future...
So this posting is for you Count Yorga. Thx for your support!

SKEEZICKS - No second chance
Country: GERMANY
Label: Lost & Found
Year: 1991
Format: Lp (+Cd?)


Samstag, 4. Oktober 2008


Chris started to express my thoughts of being sick of postig because I told him. He totally agreed with me like with most of my views. Thx friend.
The new wave of music blogs is spilling over immensely. And Mosh Eisley is just a part of it. Most of the records I want to blog are already available elsewhere. No big deal, but I dislike the way a lot of other blogs are presenting them. See, I mostly post records that mean something to me. I`m always thinking about how to review the records. I love to read additional informations on the records which are postet at some good music blogs and even more some personal stuff about them. And If I love a record I want to share why I love it and why it´s worth downloading it.
More and more blogs remind me of pure consume meccas. Some even without songtitles.
"I am lazy so here is a tracklist". Chris and I are trying to get the best out of your vinyl rips. Chris even tries to upgrading the sound, this is so much work I tell you.
Some days ago I found a rip of a brand new record. It was digitalized with 128 kbs, so it sounded like shit. What would you think if you have a band and you would find a rip of you brand new album and it´s sounds awful?
It just frustrates me seeing the records I wanted to post at another blog, posted just to consume. Shitty sounding, no tags, "here you are"...
I have to thank blogs like I AM MEAN or TRUE PUNK & METAL among some others for making a difference!
Also I want to thank everybody who drop a line into our comment boxes.
Keep on going! Hardcore / Punk is how me make it. And it´s kinda hard to make it more than music to me at the moment!



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