Dienstag, 23. Dezember 2008

Aspirant for the best show in 2009

What a killer line-up. I just made this little flyer myself because there ain´t any offical flyers around yet. Be there and meet me for sure!

Samstag, 20. Dezember 2008

STAG PARTY, 9 o´ clock, my house.

I just took my girlfriend to her company christmas party. So Cash and me stayed home alone and deceided to throw a stag party with just the two of us. That meant frozen pizza, cat food and lotsa good music.
While I was stitching my INSECT WARFARE patch on my jacket, Cash decided what to hear.

So here´s a summing up of what we heard tonight while sitting on the couch in underpants, belching an farting and stitchin on patches like my mom did when I was a child (the stitching, not the farting, hahahaha).

I thought we could have started with something more mellow, but Cash called me a sissy an put on the first 7" of Inglewoods finest FINAL DRAFT. What a killer, definately one of the best new power violence bands!! ("Straight from Inglewood, and you know that it´s all good...") The only problem is that this 7" is over too soon, but I know about an upcoming split 7" with one of my faves BRUCEXCAMPBELL and a full length album, both on RSR, the best label around!

Okay Pizza´s ready. Goodamn I love Restaurante pizza Funghi.

When I proposed the INSECT WARFARE / AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED Split 5" Cash was like "Now you´re getting reasonable! But keep standing, it´s not worth sitting down, you have to flip the record in some seconds anyway!" I remember when I first heard this record. I launched the A-side and I thought "Wait a minute, this ain´t AG. NOSEBLEED nor IN. WARFARE" because AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED sounded so inconvenient, so unfamiliar. But it´s definately them alright.

Shortly after the 5" we went on with the recent KILL THE CLIENT Lp called "Cleptocracy". This record is the best example that a good record player (combined with a good stereo) sound better than even the best digital file. I heard this as Mp3 files first and I thought it is an awsome album. But when I got the record last month it kicked me off my feet. Holy mother of everything that´s good and pure. This album is sooo fuckin hard. One of the best grindcore albums in years!! Some people find it even "too hard!!!" Think of a mix between PIG DESTROYER (Prowler)and LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER ( Extinction)with a high end production (no, not over produced!)What a killer!!

I just opend a bottle of alcohol free white wine! I love the taste of this decadent shit!

For the next record I had to deviate Cash so I gave him some treat. While he was eating I put on the "No laughing matter" 12" of the famous anarcho punk band ANTI-SYSTEM. I especially like the B-Side because it contains the smash hit "Aninmal welfare", though I like the version of this song with their first line up the best!

Okay the stitchin was almost done and I wanted to watch some episode of LITTLE BRITAIN but first I wanted to end the musical journey with somethin extrem. I put on the IN DISGUST "Reality choke" 10". In case you don´t know them already, they play very harsh noisegrind like THOUSANDSWILLDIE (Who ripped me off btw, but I will tell you later about theses assholes). Even Cash admitted: "Holy fuck, this is some intense shit!!!" IN DISGUST rules!

Normally I wanted to watch DVD then, but I realized that I got a reply on my appeal to get the lyrics to the MORBID HUMOR song(s)"Oh my god" Pt. I+II. I got the lyrics from nobody but Nogsy (vocalist) himself!!! So I HAD TO listen to the ANTI-SYSTEM / MORBID HUMOR Split 7" again like I did so often during the last weeks. "Oh my god" is such an incredible good song and now that I have the lyrics it´s even better!
I´m going to upload it soon, okay?

Cheers friends

Rob (and Cash)

Freitag, 19. Dezember 2008


Some demo recordings are so good that they have to be put on record (a lot of don´t though). PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI from Norway is a ONE man grindcore project in the vein of old PHOBIA or CATHETER. This album contains the 2006 and 2007 demos, well produced guts ripping grind with a radical, political message. I love the B-side with the 2007 demo best but decide for yourself. Don´t get me wrong, this is not just a low budget / bootleg styled CD / LP pressing. It has a glossy package and a VERY nice 10" booklet with all the Norwegian lyrics translated to English. The vinyl version of this killer album is limited to 300 copies and they are all handnumbered. You can buy it directly via the myspace profile if you are from Europe. Everywhere outside the EU you can buy it from Cylindrical Habitat Modules. I only paid 14 Euros including postage from Norway. That´s the price of some records here without any postage. That´s an awsome deal and definately a non-profit price! Go get your copy as long as you can. And yes, you can purchase a Cd version as well.
The first official studio album "De Anarkistiske An(n)aler" will be released in January 2009 on CRUCIFICADOS PEL SISTEMA Records and 625 THRASH followed by a split 7" with their fellow countrymen BLODSPRUT.
MØLLEN, the man behind PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI liked the idea of putting this album up here. Thx for the kind words about this blog buddy. So download it first and then go buy it you retards.
I´m so sorry, but I had to tag the songs with the English titles. The font that was used fo all the titles was so weired that I were not able to deceipher it and I don´t know any Norwegian at all. I´d love to tag the songs in their origin language!

Country: Norway
Label: Cylindrical Habitat Modules
Year: 2008
Format: Lp / Cd


Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2008

CONFUSION - Civilization...?

I HAVE to post another extreme record to relativize all the soft rock music here ;-).
Here we have some obscure grind-/noisecore from Columbia. CONFUSIONs `Civilization...?´ flexi 7" is really noisy. If you like old school grind like FEAR OF GOD or very early NAPALM DEATH you´ll propably dig CONFUSION. Okay they didn´t know how to play well and the production was lousy too but somehow I find this record charming. Though released on legendary Japanese Grindcore label STANDARD OF REBELLION this flexi is pretty much diregarded anyway. CONFUSION were grinding their 15 songs almost trying to play as fast as they can. At least it sounds like this. It somehow conjures up a grin on my face when I listen to this record and read along their political lyrics which are kinda naive like a lot of other "political" hardcore / punk bands.
If somebody´s interested, I have another mint copy for trade. It´s very rare so don´t come up with some shit...!!!!
Give the flexi a listen. Grrrrrrind!!!

CONFUSION - Civilization
Country: Columbia
Label: Standard of rebellion
Year: 1990
Format: 7" flexi


Freitag, 12. Dezember 2008

WOJCZECH - Sedimente

Everytime I listen to WOJCZECH I realize their potential but their ability always suffers from a very bad sound production. Someone told me that 2005 album `Sedimente´ is very good because of real good production. So I gave them another try and I was thrilled!! It sounds really good indeed!! Think of a mix of crust, modern, atmospheric D-Beat ala TRAGEDY or even FROM ASHES RISE and tons of CYNESS styled grindcore!! Sounds good? Yes it definately is!! The grind parts are played at maximum speed and the slower parts are real diversified and sometimes even melodic! WOJCZECH were always some kind of a mediocre split side band to me like UNHOLY GRAVE or AGATHOCLES (I guess some people are going to kill me now)because of their awful sound, but with this album they proved that they could play mayor league. Haha, I just read that they wrote on themself at their Myspace page: `dozens of sheer unlistenable split"7 / Lps´ concerning their discography. Fortunately this album stands out totally. Their recent release, the tour split 7" with CATHETER is one of their releases with a more dull production again. Pure grindcore on this new split 7". Not bad at all, but I advice you to check out this killer on Selfmade god records!!
In case you´re going to check their Myspace profile first: It doesn´t feature any song from this album at the moment. Just their mentioned weak releases!! So give this record a try anyway!

WOJCZECH - Sedimente
Country: Germany
Label: Selfmade god
Year: 2005
Format: Lp + Cd


Freitag, 28. November 2008


Please help me out. I´m desperately searching for the lyrics of the song `Oh my god´ by MORBID HUMOR. This early 80ies anarcho punk band shared members with legandary ANTI-SYSTEM.
They appeared on a split 7" w/ ANTI-SYSTEM (Reconciliation Records, 198?), on the `DAFFODILS TO THE DAFFODILS HERE'S THE DAFFODILS´ Comp Lp (Pax Records, 1984)
and on the `BREAK THE SILENCE´ tape comp (Break the silence 198?).

Did the split 7" w/ ANTI-SYSTEM come with a lyric sheet originally? Because my copy doesn´t have one :-(

`Oh my god´ (pt 1 and 2) is one of the best punk ballads I ever heard. I´m going to post the split 7" very soon!!

Thx for your help

Dienstag, 18. November 2008


I have tons of new recently released records. Like I said before I won´t upload brand new releases anymore. If you like my reviews go buy them or go download them somewhere else.
Ok here we go:
The first album I have to tell you about is the debut release of BRUCEXCAMPBELL! Holy mother of the sucker in the clouds! Another overwhelming release on RSR. Old school grindcore like LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER or CATHETER. Don´t cry about the parting of INSECT WARFARE, give this four youngsters a try, they will comfort you perfectly. This Cd left me speechless. You can witness the practise of the song `Shredded life´ here. The layout of the Cd (-only *thumbs down*) is a bit weak, but the music compensates this fact more then effective. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next on my list of incredible good new releases is the `As the world burns´ album of the infamous German grindcore band KEITZER. Man what a progress these guys made!! PHOBIA styled grindcore meets `90s-metal-edged hardcore Bremen-style´. Can somebody get my point? Their new album is much better than their old stuff and the production of `As the world burns´ is awsome as well (What do you expect when an album has been recorded where bands like SYSTRAL and MÖRSER have been produced?). Containig a coverversion from NO POLICE STATE??? Hahahaha don´t let them fool you...!!! ;-)
The Cd has been out for a while now but finally this brutal bastard has been released on vinyl by REACT WITH PRTOTEST. If you like technical high speed madness with tons of doublebass and a wall of sound, this is the record you should check out. On Tour in Germany w/ MINION in January 2009! Check them out if you´ve got the chance.

Let´s change down a little bit. Ah, who am I kidding...? Up next is the brand new split 5" of everybodys darlings from Australia EXTORTION and once famous RUPTURE. What a promising team up you might think! Well... Okay the EXTORTION side serves what you expect. Very pissed in your face blasts. Highspeed powerviolence like on their previous records. A very short attack which is over shortly after it started. 3 songs, 3 minutes. But I have to say that EXTORTION did better before. These 3 songs don´t have what their other records had. Theses 3 songs sound like outtakes to me. Definately not as good as their older stuff. Oh well, the RUPTURE side of this split 5": I don´t have to tell you how good their 1st 7" and their 10" are. Legendary stuff! But what is this? Strange, annoying, boring punk rock. There is just one good aspect on this side of the record: Just one short song. I can´t stand it!! Decide for your self if you need a very short record because of a good band that has done better before and a legendary band that embaresses themself? Maybe I´m going to upload this 5" however, so that you don´t have to buy it...

Some `news´:
- The CAPITALIST CASUALTIES / HELLNATION Split Lp has finally seen the light of day. 11 years in the making SOUND POLLUTION unleashed this beast recently. I ve ordered it but I didn´t get it yet so I don´t know how it is but I guess it will kick ass big time.
- TOXIC REVOLUTION (featuring blog member Chris) finished their new recordings. The new songs will appear on a split Lp w/ MAGNICIDE from Singapur. This killer record will be released on TVG Records, so watch out. I already heard the new songs and I assure you that the Lp will hit you like a rock slide. The new tracks are absolutely amazing! Brutal shit!
- The new PHOBIA album `22 random acts of violence´ will surprise you if you haven´t heard it yet. Don´t worry their are awesome as ever!! I can´t wait to get the DVD they are working on!

Dienstag, 11. November 2008

SCHLEIMKEIM - Abfallprodukte der Gesellschaft

Right now I´m reading "Satan, kannst du mir noch mal verzeihen". A book about Otze Ehrlich, the man behind the legendary Punk band SCHLEIMKEIM, from the German Democratic Republic. For you dull fuckers: Eastern Germany has been united with West Germany in 1989. I have to say, the more I read about Otze Ehrlich the more I come to the conclusion that he was just an antisocial drug and alcohol addict with a violent temper. Some of the contemporary witness who have been interviewed for this book characterize these attributes and his attitude as PUNK. Well I have different view on Punk but that not the subject here. But the book is the reason why I got the Lp from my record shelf again and realized how great this album still is. I haven´t heard it for years so it was like meeting an old friend. I immediately remembered the simple German lyrics and sang along.
SCHLEIMKEIM have been a great band. Basically it was just Otze with frequently changing band members. Otze wrote (almost?) all the music and he did an incredible good job here! Catchy Deutschpunk, raw and pissed. The songs on this Lp were written during 1985 - 1992 but they were recorded in 1992 after the GDR and West Germany became one nation. They still have the charm of the 80ies in my opinion. It was the first SCHLEIMKEIM Lp that were suitable for everyone. The recordings for their very first Lp called "DDR von unten" were smuggled into West Germany, pressed on Lp by Aggressive Rockproduktionen and only about 5 copies made their illegal way back into Eastern Germany. SCHLEIMKEIM even had to use the alias name of SAUKERLE for this album. You have to understand the policies of the former nation GDR to understand why Punk should have been banned from their streets. That subject is far too complex to explain it here properly.
Back to "Abfallprodukte der Gesellschaft": You don´t have to understand the German lyrics to love this album. It´s really catchy like I said before. Check out their hits like "Mit dem Knüppel in der Hand", "Mach dich doch selbst kaputt" and "Satan". Some people don´t like the way Otze squeaks or even growls sometimes when he sings, but you´ll get used to it. It´s kinda funny. A real classic Deutschpunk album!
R.I.P. Otze!

SCHLEIMKEIM - Abfallprodukte der Gesellschaft
Country: Germany
Label: Höhnie records
Year: 1992
Format: Lp + Cd

CASH sayz:

My tomcat CASH said I have to tell you that "Prowler in the yard" is the best fucking PIG DESTROYER album EVER! Since he´s living with me he heard that album about a hundred times. And he knows more about brutal music than you´ll ever do!

Sonntag, 2. November 2008

STUPIDS - Violent nun Lp

Last week I got the new 7" from the heroes of my adolescence: THE STUPIDS. Although I don´t like reunions at all I gave it a try anyway. I should have left it, it disappointed me of course. To dry my tears I had to turn on their awsome stuff from their glory days. I guess you´ll agree with me when I say that their "Peruvian vacation" Lp is their best output ever but you can get that Lp at many other blogs. This is the Lp repress of their 1st 7" called "Violent nun" from 1985. I digitize it because along with the awsome songs from the 7" come some incredible good songs from their "Leave your ears behind" demo Session. I took the liberty to modify these songs with some bass boosts, so that they sound even better. Very powerfull and fast but yet melodic UK hardcore. The songs from the demo session are backdated to 1984 an they kick ass totally.
I could write pages and pages about the legendary STUPIDS but I won´t because everythings has been said already. Along with HERESY, ELECTRO HIPPIES, RIPCORD and NAPALM DEATH they have been one of the most famous hardcore acts from Great Britain in the mid 80s. Ah, that reminds me that I wanted to upload the JAILCELL RECIPIES Lp "Energy in an empty tank world" for months now...
Now grab your skateboards and thrash some shit while listening to the STUPIDS like I did 20 years ago!

STUPIDS - Violent nun
Country: UK
Label: Boss Tuneage
Year: 2008
Format: Lp + Cd


Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2008


Okay I distance myself from uploading recently released records. That´s why I just have some recommendations for you. At the moment these records run on heavy rotation here:
First off, THE ARSON PROJECT proves that the grindcore crown simply belongs to Sweden!
A hard cometition for ROTTEN SOUND. High end death-grind as you expect from a Swedish band. The vocals sound more agressive and less death-metalish than the ROTTEN SOUND vocal works. Power it up records got their hands on a VERY promising act here.

Okay the LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER album called "Extinction" has already been released in 2007 but maybe some of you grind maniacs have missed this great album. You may have recognised them from their massive amount of split releases. If you dig high quality old school grind like old NAPALM DEATH or even CATHETER (who have a new singer btw. which they share a great split 7" with), then you have to check out LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER. I love their 80s Trash Metal guitar sound! Awsome grind attack from spain with members of legendary grind gods DENAK. Great cover artwork and nice gatefold cover, also released by Power it up.

Yesterday I received the new SSS album called "The dividing line". No let down here. I love the 1st album of this British skate maniacs and this new one is at least as good as their 1st one. Better? I don´t know yet. Incredible mix between 80s Trash metal and hardcore. If you like MUNICIPAL WASTE or BONES BRIGADE you should check them out. The Lp contains a bonus 7" with a sticker that advices you to support independent stores. Strange message when you are on EARACHE...
If you like to sell or trade their 1st 7" called "Cliff Burton" get in touch!

And now for something completely different: Do you dig modern classic? Well I do! One of my favourite composer is OLAFUR ARNALS from Island. I listend to his 1st album called "Eulogy for evoloution" a lot. This makes me relax, I just love it. The new mini album (Cd/10") "Variations of Static" gives me the heebie-jeebies again. Like his album this mini album mixes classical music and discreet modern drum beats. OLAFUR already composed some intros for some Metal bands. If you are open minded take my advice and give it a listen.

Mittwoch, 15. Oktober 2008

97a - Society´s running on empty

This is a spontaneous post. I was browsing through my record shelf, wondering what I would like to hear on the upcoming weekend trip with the adolescents I´m in charge of. Then I grabbed the "Society´s running on empty.." 12" of the mighty 97a. I thought "Hell yeah, haven´t heard this bastard for a while. Let´s check the net to get it digital". Strangely all I found was talking about their Eps and the "Abandon future" Lp. That´s kinda inapprehensible to me because this 12" is at least as good as their previous stuff. It´s even faster and aggressive the their early stuff. What I love most about 97a is that they made my days in a time where shitty Youth Crew hardcore bored me to death (1997 - 1999). This was an isle of political high speed thrash in a sea of positive mama´s boys´ hardcore. No slow shit here, always full speed. 17 songs in 13 minutes! So it was like a duty to digitalize my record and upload it for you and me.
There has been a reunion in 2006 but no new output since then. Check out their Myspace side for further infomations on that issue an even a new demo song. This is how many bands would like to sound nowadays. Check out this pioneering thrash sound from 1999. Furious stuff...

97a - Society´s running on empty
Country: USA
Label: Teamwork
Year: 1999
Format: 12" + Cd


Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2008

SKEEZICKS - No second chance Lp

Though I actually need a time off blogging, I feel like I owe this posting to Count Yorga for beeing a faithful visitor of Mosh Eisley. Plus this band deserves a real posting. Normally I wouldn´t have digitalized this record because I don´t like live albums plus the sound quality sucks too much. What would you expect from theRip-off label No. 1 LOSTnFOUND? Even the band recommended not to buy this Lp. I upgraded it with some bass boosts because the sound was so thin you couldn´t hardly enjoy this album. I also cut the songs and upgraded them with fade ins and -outs because otherwise it would have sounded bad because of the screaming live audience between the songs. So with all the efforts I thinks it´s worth a posting.
Okay SKEEZICKS actually don´t need any introducion. Along with the SPERMBIRDS they have been one of the first hardcore bands in Germany. Okay there have been many punkbands already but SKEEZICKS presented the early American style HC. As you can hear a major influece has been NEGATIVE APPROACH whose "Nothing" is also covered on this live Lp. The singer of SKEEZICKS sounded very similar to John Brannon. At least he tried to. I like their Lp and especially their 7" a lot and they remind me of the good old times. This live Lp features the farewell show which took place on 20.4.1991, years after the 7" and the "Selling out" Lp have been released.
Armin the bass player of SKEEZICK also runs the X-Mist Label and - mailorder where you HAD to order when you wanted to get Hardcore records from around the world back in the eighties. I don´t remember how much money I spent ordering from X-Mist in the end of the eighties. X-Mist records is still existing nowadays btw.
The KFTH page just told me that there was a SKEEZICKS discography Cd released by 625 Thrash. Get it and listen to the songs taken from the "There´s a Charlie brown in everyone of us" 7". Theses songs rock!! Maybe I´m going to post this 7" in the future...
So this posting is for you Count Yorga. Thx for your support!

SKEEZICKS - No second chance
Country: GERMANY
Label: Lost & Found
Year: 1991
Format: Lp (+Cd?)


Samstag, 4. Oktober 2008


Chris started to express my thoughts of being sick of postig because I told him. He totally agreed with me like with most of my views. Thx friend.
The new wave of music blogs is spilling over immensely. And Mosh Eisley is just a part of it. Most of the records I want to blog are already available elsewhere. No big deal, but I dislike the way a lot of other blogs are presenting them. See, I mostly post records that mean something to me. I`m always thinking about how to review the records. I love to read additional informations on the records which are postet at some good music blogs and even more some personal stuff about them. And If I love a record I want to share why I love it and why it´s worth downloading it.
More and more blogs remind me of pure consume meccas. Some even without songtitles.
"I am lazy so here is a tracklist". Chris and I are trying to get the best out of your vinyl rips. Chris even tries to upgrading the sound, this is so much work I tell you.
Some days ago I found a rip of a brand new record. It was digitalized with 128 kbs, so it sounded like shit. What would you think if you have a band and you would find a rip of you brand new album and it´s sounds awful?
It just frustrates me seeing the records I wanted to post at another blog, posted just to consume. Shitty sounding, no tags, "here you are"...
I have to thank blogs like I AM MEAN or TRUE PUNK & METAL among some others for making a difference!
Also I want to thank everybody who drop a line into our comment boxes.
Keep on going! Hardcore / Punk is how me make it. And it´s kinda hard to make it more than music to me at the moment!



(Now listening: PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER - Crushing fury of bastardization 12")

Sonntag, 7. September 2008


This is some sort of request from the Mafia messagboard but I thought it is a cool idea to make it official and post it here. Unfortunately I only own a testpressing of the 2xlp and the split ep w/ DISRUPT which was their first release I realized. So I had to get all informations from the split ep and the internet. TUMIOPÄIVÄN LAPSET (which means `Children of doomsday´ I was told) was a Finnish punkband which existed from 1991 - 1998. That means that some releases seem to be `post mortem releases´. This 2xLp discography includes eps and compliation tracks from 1991 to 2003. The quality of the songs range from very cool to kinda crappy.
In my opinion the best songs are from their 1998 `Painukaa vituun´ 2xep and the `Vastusta tai paneke´ ep from 1999. Fast and pissed hardcorepunk (and in this period) with a woman singing. Theses songs shred! This two eps accord to song 35 to 54 on the 2nd lp. The other containing eps kinda bore me more or less. Lame crusty styled Punk with different male shouters.
I had to upload the lps seperartely. In MY opinion you only need the 2nd lp but if you want to have the complete discography you have to download them both.
Don´t blame me for some bad fade-outs at the end of some songs, because that how they originally sound on the discography! It was a lot of work tagging this 59 songs with all the Finnish titles.
TUOMIOPÄIVÄN LAPSET emerged from the legendary Finnish punk bands SORTO und GENOCIDE.
Have fun.

Country: Finnland
Label: Power it up
Year: 200
Format: 2xlp + 2xCd

Download LP I

Download Lp II

Samstag, 6. September 2008

PLF - Crushing Fury Of Bastardization LP PRE-ORDER

Now you can pre-order the second LP of PLF called "Crushing Fury Of Bastardization".
After a couple of split 7”s with bands like MASSGRAVE, UZI SUICIDE, UNHOLY GRAVE, MESRINE
and the "Pulverizing Lethal Force" album from 2007, here comes the second LP from
this Houston/Texas based grinding thrash commando including a DENAK cover.

Straight forward grindcore with heavily thrash influenced guitarwork will make your ears bleed.
Imagine ASSÜCK is playing SODOM songs in a dirty texan basement.
No bullshit - this is total ripping circle pit approved grindcore for the punks!

Pre-orders get BLUE VINYL for €10 a piece.

Postagecosts inside Germany: €4
Postagecosts inside the EU: €6
Postagecosts worldwide: €8

Send your orders to: fahrradxxx@yahoo.de

Cyness Records – Leipziger Str. 60, 14473 Potsdam, Germany

HARMS WAY - s/t 7"

Though I have tons of other records I´d like to post, I´m going to privilege this 7" because it has been a request of our loyal supporter `XessigyouthX´. So here it is buddy, the new HARM´S WAY 7". Well it ain´t that new anymore. I received my copy about 2 month ago. I had some hassle with the label Organized Crime where I purchased it, but HARM`S WAY were very kind and helped me solving the problem... Some people might think that H.W. are some kind of tough guy band because their singer makes Arnold Schwarzenegger look like Steve Urkel but be sure they ain´t jocks or even tough!
If you take them serious you cannot be helped. Come on, their bassplayer also plays in WEEKEND NACHOS...
Actually I wanted to dissociate from upload all the new released records but hey, this 7" is one-sided and has only 2 songs!! So I have a bad feeling telling you to buy this one, especially because these 2 songs will also appear on their upcoming album which is announced for fall 2008!! Musically their new material is more INTEGRITY style. Very heavy and not fast at all. Heavyweight breakdowns and very evil sounding. Yeah I think the comparison with INTEGRITY is very good. Lyrics on religion and anger for the entire human race. Scary huh? ;-) The limited grey wax version is sold out of course but you can purchase the regular verion without problems.

HARM´S WAY - s/t
Country: USA
Label: Organized Crime
Year: 2008
Format: 7" (one-sided)


HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - Diagnosis: delicious 7"

In my opinion this 7" is the best output from HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH to date. It´s called "Diagnosis: delicious" an the titel describes this 7" perfectly. As always: Turbo high speed thrashcore. The lyrics sometimes hilarioius (bully moshpit), sometimes serious (black is the new white)but always VERY good. H.O.D. are one of the top bands when it comes to the new wave of power violence. I guess I don´t have to tell you anymore about how good this band is. I mean, what can go wrong when a band calls a song `Hope you like infest´? Go download their 5" and their split 10" I posted earlier. The band is preparing a lot of new releases and attendances on some compilations, so stay on the alert.
Ah, can somebody provide me the songs from the demo tape and the split 7" w/ Pile Of Maggot Infested Viscera? Thx.

HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - Diagnosis: delicious
Country: USA
Label: I-Deal / 625 Thrash / Give praise
Year: 2006
Format: 7"


Sonntag, 24. August 2008

MIND OF ASIAN - Chinmoku No Kiri No Naka

All double X chromosome attack here! Furious estrogen thrash that makes every male band run for cover! So intense! I first discovered MIND OF ASIAN when I heard the JAPAN TRASH REVOLOUTION Comp on 625 Thrash. Which I also posted here half a year ago. MOA were the first band on this comp and I was like "what the hell is this?". They totally blew me away. Insane noisy Japanes high speed thrash. Their singer screams so hysterical, I thinks she´s going nuts everytime she grabs a microphone. I tried to get all their releases but that´s not easy outside Japan. They even say: `Sorry but we can accept the mail order from only Japan´! But if you are interested, it should be easy to get this cd an their split lp with STRAIGHT EDGE KEGGER everywhere at least. Okay the lousy cover artwork reminds me of some girly shit but you should see the myspace site then. All bling bling Japanese girly stuff!! It all doesn´t fit! What´s next? Hello Kitty MIND OF ASIAN shirts? But who cares as long as the music´s kicking ass like it does? Not me! And, in fact: Who needs skulls and black and white layout anyway? ;-)
I´m going to post their old `Akai Hana´ 7" next. These girls don´t need a womens quota, they kick testicles big time! Great!!!
Ah, Ps: Cd only releases suck big time of course! So grab it here!!

MIND OF ASIAN - Chinmoku No Kiri No Naka Cd
Country: Japan
Label: Sound pollution
Year: 2006
Format: Cd


Samstag, 23. August 2008


Stuff I have on vinyl or just don´t like. If you want some write me an EMAIL!

ASESINO - Corridos de muerte (Demoniac) 7,-
HAMMERHEAD - Stay where the pepper grows (X-Mist) 7,-
ANCIENT CHINESE SECRET - Caveat Emptopr (Slap-a-ham) 4,-
QUEERFISH - The b punk are (Per Koro) 4,-
TIME SPENT DRIVING - Walls between us (Unfun) 4,-
NO ESCAPE - Just accept it (Lost & Found) 3,-
ASSÜCK - Anticcapital / Blindspot / +3 (Common cause) 7,-
BRUJERIA - Raza Odiada ( Roadrunner) 7,-
TKINK.TRY - 4 dead life corp.never was.against (Hurry up) 3,-
NOFX - Ribbed (Epitaph) 5,-
INTRICATE - [va:l] (Century media) 7,-
THE PROMISE RING - Wood / water (Anti) 6,-
ADJUDGEMENT At two o´clock (PCS) 3,-
NATIONS ON FIRE - Strike the match + SCRAPS - Wrapped up... (X-Mist) 7,-
SHADOWS FALL - The war within + DVD (Century media) 7,-
324 - Boutokkunotaiyo (HG Fact) 7,-

MIND OVER FOUR - The goddess (Caroline) 4,-
KRITICKÁ SITUACE - s/t (Day after) 3,-
ASSASSINS OF GOD - The jupiter... (Bonzen) 4,-
VA - Dad I can´t breath [incl Boysetfire etc] (Creep) 4,-
EXTINCTION OF MANKIND - The nightmare seconds (Profane Existence) NEW 5,-
ROTTEN SOUND - Exit [lim to 350] (Willowtip) NEW, shrinkwrapped 12,-
TOTALVERLUST - s/t (Suburban hardcore) NEW, 254/500 5,-
BURN YOUR BRIDGES - s/t (Deep Six) NEW 6,-
IRON MAIDEN - Piece of mind (EMI) 4,-
VOORHEES - Spilling blood... (Zandor) NEW 7,- RESERVED
REIGN OF BOMBS / BOMBSTRIKE - Split (Yellow dog) NEW 7,-
HERO DISHONEST - s/t (combat rock) NEW 7,-

APRIL - s/t (Bastardizied) 2,-
VA - Break the distrust [Kina, Sleeper, Peace of mind etc] (World upside down) 2,-
MEREL / ICONOCLAST - Split (Old glory) 2,-
AVULSION / LACERATION - Split (Clean plate) 3,-
FILTHY CHARITY / S.R.M.P. - Split (Psychomania) 3,-
ANARCRUST - s/t (self) 2,-
ASSFACTOR 4 - Sometimes I suck (Auricle) 3,-
HALF MAN - No choice but to learn (Chicken farm) 2,-

Mittwoch, 20. August 2008

BLANK STARE - 1st 7"

Part 1 of my BLANK STARE 7" collection. I´m going to post all three of them chronological. So this is their 1st ep released by the band itself in 2005 and what a cornerstone!!! Angry, pissed off Straight Edge Hardcore. Non of your kindergarten youthcrew bullshit and no jock bullshit either. This is hard but no toughguy attitude here. Take your positivity and stick it up your arse. BLANK STARE is negative as life itself.
Okay, this 7" starts off with a screamed `Straaaaaiiiiight Edge´ and then a reservoir of hate is effused! Straight fast hardcore punk with a slightly thrashcore edge that makes you gonna scream along an go off like mad. Heavyweight crew vocals makes this 7" even more threatening. If you like bands like HAYMAKER, LEFT FOR DEAD or 97a there´s a 99% chance that you´ll dig BLANK STARE. Fuck why do I have to intodruce them anyway? If you love HAVE HEART this is anti YOU! Fuck you.
What a great band! Go get their new 12". I´m only going to upload the 7"es.

BLANK STARE - 1st 7"
Country: USA
Label: Blank stare
Year: 2005
Format: 7"


Montag, 18. August 2008

CROW - Hametsu No Haoto Lp

This is a sort of premiere. This is a digitized record I stole from another blog. I got this from the amazing Mad Blasts of Chaos Blog. Divided in side A and B because side B is kind hard to tag. But I added the tracklist to the folder.But this is more of an appeal than a usual posting including a download.
This is my appeal: If anybody has this 12" and wants to trade or sell it get in touch with me. I need it so bad! Beware: I now that this 12" is rare so I would pay what has to be paid, but I won´t pay a totally unreasonable sick price. But I´m sure we can work something out.
All the Japcore maniacs know what I´m talking about when I tell you how good this band is. 1000 copies have been released by their own label Crow records. In case you don´t know this awsome record, which sounds like a bastard between fast AMEBIX and RAMMER (the trashmetal band from Canada) to me, go download it now and join me worshipping!



Okay here it is: The killer 10" I praised before! What a team up! HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH sound more complex and more structured than on their Goatmeal 5". I´d say even better! Fastcore thrash taken to a higher level. The revolutions per minute will drive you insane! Killer tracks! Especially the KORO coverversion of "Acid casualty" is very good. CHAINSAW TO THE FACE kinda supply the grindcore fans. Harsh vocals, high-octane fastcore grind. More brutal than H.O.D. even including double bass parts. I really really love H.O.D. but I´d say I like C.T.T.F. even more on this release. It´s a hard decision, who is the chief of this team up. Decide for yourself. You should definately get this record released by Cowabunga records!

Be prepared for the HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH 7" I´m going to post next. The best stuff they released to date in my opinion.

Country: USA
Label: Cowabunga
Year: 2008
Format: 10"


Samstag, 16. August 2008

I´M BACK !!!

My living room has been rearranged after I renovated it completely.
Tomorrow I´m going to construct the new floor in my corridor.
The finished living room means that I´m able to digitize my records again.
So be prepared for some fucked up noise!!!

Btw, here it is. Dosen´t it look like some yuppie flat? Not that punk, huh?
Cry me a river und fuck what you think!!! :-)

Donnerstag, 14. August 2008

DROP DEAD - European mini tour dates

See you in Hamburg fuckas!

HAYMAKER - Demo tape - Ebay madness Pt. II

According to this it´s getting even `better´. *bling bling*

(Click to enlarge)

Freitag, 25. Juli 2008


At the moment I´m not able to post any music here because I´m renovating my flat on a grand scale. Shitty job, I tell you! My local do-it-yourself store rolls out the red carpet everytime I go there!

This is what my living room and my corridor looks like at the moment (Click to enlarge):

Hahahaha, check out the 30 years old wallpapers I found under the recent wallpapers!!
When I´m ready with with the living room and the corridor, the bedroom and the guest room are on the turn!
Right now I´m able to post this crappy informations about my life because adhesive dissolver to dissolve the old carpet has an hour of residence time! :-/
Take care!

Samstag, 19. Juli 2008

RECIPES: Vegan chicken

As some of you might know I am an enthusiastic vegan / vegetarian chef. I recently discovered some weird frozen fake meat and fake fish products I have to tell you about. I will report my experience with theses products. Hopefully I will spark interest in theses cool alternatives. Some are vegetarian and some are even vegan! Check the internet to get theses products. Vegefarm.de is offering some of these and your local Asian supermarket might sell some.
Let´s start with some vegan chicken pieces. 300 grams(about lbs 0.66) cost about 4 euro. That quite expensive but it´s worth every cent! My first impression as I opend the bag was: Holy shit! This smells exactly like chicken. The smell you recognized when you walk by a chicken diner!! This is weird! I didn´t know whether I hate or love this fact! This smell became even more intensive as I joint the pieces. I was told that theses chicken pieces don´t have to be seasoned, or just slightly if you like it spicy. I just added some chicken condiment and some curry for it goes perfectly with chicken.
When I tasted the first piece I couldn´t believe it!! When I do remember it correctly, this is how real chicken tastes for sure!!! I never tasted anything vegan before that comes so closely to the taste of chicken!! I totally felt in love with the taste. Even the texture reminded me of real chicken meat! Okay the last time I eat real meat is almost 18 years ago but nevertheless I assure you that is this taste is so close to real chicken that you´ll love this cruelty free alternative to a dead animal!
You can get some cool recipes containing this chicken pieces here (German language).
If you are from Germany and you have problems to get those fake meat / fish products get in touch with me. I can provide you an email address where you can get it.

Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2008


Ok I don´t want to deprive you of my current favourite power violence band! I never heard of HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH before, or even COWABUNGA records. I actually bought it because of some reviews I read. I know.. I know.. I often tell you how good a record / a band is, but this time it´s more adequate than ever! One of the best power violence bands I´ve heard in years!!! Always hyper speed, always on point, always pissed as fuck, always harsh to the max. 3 bandmembers, three shouters. Average length of a song: about 10 seconds with 20 songs on a 5"!!! Everytime I hear this 5" I almost wet my pants about how good it is. Pissed vocals instead of shitty growls / grunts which makes it even better to me!
The last song `from god´s anus to your mouth´ is a proper song with a duration of almost 2 minutes!! I´d like to dedicate this song to `the pope´ (AM I MEAN blog) for this is about his favourite issue `religion´.
Next I´m going to post HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH´s split 10" w/ CHAINSAW TO THE FACE. So be prepared. In the meantime bow low to the Goatmeal 5"
I already got in touch w/ the band to get their other outputs! Hopefully you can expect more stuff from this outta range band!

Country: USA
Label: Cowabunga
Year: 2007
Format: 5"



Holy satan! Have you ever heard of BOOKBURNER? Imagine a grindcoreband playing their violent attacks with an modern Hardcore production? I mean this 7" sounds tight like some very well produced NYC hardcorebands. The dry and unusual sound makes this 7" even better. They haul off with some heavy sludge parts to kick your teeth in with some sick hyperspeed blastparts. This is really brutal stuff. The only reason why this 7" doesn´t turn you into a driveling nervous wreck is because it´s too short. 11 songs (well 12 but I wasn´t able to cut one song right), most of the under 15 seconds + one strange sound collage. If you like DESPISE YOU, SUPPRESSION or MAN IS THE BASTARD you will love this record. They are definately going to play a big role in modern power violence!
BOOKBURNER on themself: `Bookburner is honest grind and we have no room for conventionality, and that's all you need to know, fuckers.´ So no Myspace profile you little shit!
`Hard like the devil of toothache - release´ on cool new label One six oh records. Check out the band and the label!

Country: USA
Label: 16oh
Year: 2008
Format: 7"


Dienstag, 8. Juli 2008


Actually I wanted to post some other records but I have to offer you this Cd first. I´m so glad that I got a copy of the MULE SKINNER Cd when it came out because it´s almost impossible to get it by now. Top notch Grindcore in the vein of old Terrorizer or 324. It´s so powerful, so good. I don´t know why this germ never has been rereleased. Read the comments at the myspace profile of the band - so many people are looking for a copy. Like their first 7" this Cd (-only) was released by small French record label SLUDGE Records. I don´t know if the pressing was so limited or if the distribution was so bad or if the owner of SLUDGE records lodges most of the copies under his bed. All I know is that it´s a shame that so few people have a copy or even heard of this musically destruction! In true grindcore tradition, Mule Skinner rip and tear their way through 23 intense tracks in about 35 odd minutes. Each track is a crushing, tornado of punk infused crusty grind with loads of blast beats, crushing breakdowns, odd riffs, grunted vocals and raw power. After 12 years this Cd didn´t lose it´s overwhelming crushing effect. Absolutely no metal here, just pure mid 90s audio violence. Don´t expect a high end production like some recent swedish grind acts have. This 12 years old! But it still rocks!!! Check it out!

Country: USA
Label: Sludge
Year: 1996
Format: Cd


Freitag, 4. Juli 2008

ANTI YOU - Making your life miserable

Awsome 7" from this fresh Italian Band. ANTI YOU from Rome play a nice mix between early 80s US punk and mid 80ies Italo thrash. It´s raw and unsophisticated. It sounds like they give a shit about a good production or anything else. The way it should be. This 7" was orginally released on Cd on SOA Records from Italy a year or so ago. Finally it was pressed on vinyl, the real deal!
Their lyrics complete the music by saying just fuck you to everything in a funny manner! What do you expect from a band that called the 1sided ep "pig city life"? (I love this title for I love wordplays). Just a cool release with cool lyrics from a cool band. Get it!
Ah and by the way: The new 7" called `Johnny Bagdad` is a real letdown compared to this! It sounds like they tried while the just did on `Making your life miserable´!
If you are interested: I found some cool band-related artwork at http://www.scarful.com/antiyou.html

ANTI YOU - Making your life miserable
Country: Italy
Label: No way
Year: 2008
Format: 7"


Samstag, 28. Juni 2008

GRACE WILL FALL - Split w/ M:40

File under: Goddammit, maybe I´d have recognised your great band earlier if you wouldn´t have chosen such a bad name, which reminds me of lame 90s screamo hardcore!
GRACE WILL FALL simply blew me away! It seems that I missed them all the time though they are very famous by now. In my opinion they play a swedisch mix of REFUSED and FROM ASHES RISE. Catchy though hard, atmospheric though harsh. Varied though brutal! The singer roars very aggressive and reminds me of the ROTTEN SOUND vocal works. The music has a very cool drive and variety and complexity. Again I´m not able to find the right words to describe how good this stuff is. Just check it out, especially the song Moralens stank!!
On the other side we have M:40, also from Sweden. More `In your face Hardcore´ but also very atmospheric, even more agressive but less complex. A good b-side on this split 7"

GRACE WILL FALL - Split w/ M:40
Country: Sweden
Label: Halvfabrikat, Hobo Records
Year: 2006
Format: 7"



DUDMAN definetly needs no introducion. The Japan thrashcore veterans released so many records, that it´s almost inpossible that you´ve missed them. This 7" is outstanding for sure. It contains some of the best recordings and songs DUDMAN ever did. I think these recordings are backdated to 1998, that means Nate, their later singer didn't take part in them yet.
The songs are slightly different than their recent outputs. Still fast as hell but kind of cleaner. Not that noisy and distorded. The vocals are more clearly than Nathaniel vocal work. Definately a classic on Rhetoric records.
Aaaah right... The split side: CRUEL FACE from Brasil. Well this band could be good if they´d play their blast parts a little bit longer. Slow to average fast Hardcorepunk with very few good fast parts. All in all kind of boring to me. Another split 7" I have because of one side, but this side is more than worth.

Country: Japan / Brasil
Label: Rhetoric
Year: 1998
Format: 7"


Dienstag, 24. Juni 2008

SFN - Demo

Here are the reasons why I uploaded this record. First off: The music is amazing. Harsh powerviolence with an ultra raw demo production (in fact this IS the 7" version of the `fouled nest´ demo!). Second reason: the layout and all frills of this records is a total rip off. 625 has done an awful job here. Just a cardboard, no titles, you have to guess the songs by the lyrics which is almost impossible. Thx to the band I know the titles in the right order by now, so I was able to tag the songs right. Last but not least, limited to only 300 copies bla bla... Now for the music: Like I said SFN play total harsh powerviolence in the vain of IRON LUNG but faster. Less slow parts mainly blastbeats. This is truly the new generation - half your age and twice as good as your band. I added the crappy outro just to make this 7" complete. It really sucks. I recommend deleting it to spare discspace. Now go listen to the punishing demo songs of Something for Nothing. I think think this is what SFN stands for.

SFN - Demo
Country: USA
Label: 625 Thrash
Year: 2008
Format: 7"


Sonntag, 15. Juni 2008

Support this cool project. Buy this tape / cd

No download here fuckers. Go support the GAY EDGE LIBERATION!!!

Click the flyer or buy it here!

Freitag, 13. Juni 2008


Sorry for my laziness, I am too busy listening to the new EXTORTION 12" 50 times a day!
Sell all your records, you just need this one!
Buy this incredible record from your local record dealer or at least download it here!
Already the best release in 2008!!!

Freitag, 23. Mai 2008


File under: Records my girlfrind hates so much! This means ist 7" is really really really harsh!! Both bands play total insane power violence. DEAD SEA FUCKING SCROLLS are even more fucked up than HANGOVER HEARTATTACK. They place a lot of blast / grind parts into their desonant but complex noise attack. You won´t be able to understand a single word of the pissed, overdriven vocals. I am not even sure if I tagged their songs right! HANGOVER HEARTATTACK are slightly softer. Hahaha, did I say softer?? Only compared to DSFS because they sound less desonant!! Hyperspeed, noisy, insane and desperate sounding power violence. If you dig british noise grind violence like NARCOSIS (rip) this will get you a hard-on. Released by very small, British hc / grind label FORCE FED RECORDS!

Country: Great Britain
Label: Force Fed
Year: 2006
Format: 7"


Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2008


CLOSED CASKET ACTIVITIES said: "presales for the vinyl will be going up at the end of NEXT week. check back...we heard they look AMAZING from the pressing plant
Hell yeah!!


First off: These are the best INSECT WARFARE recordings I ever heard soundwise! Recorded in 2008 it´s an awsome sound a lot of grindcore bands would dream of. Their songs list ends with a coverversion of 324s "New roation", one of the best grindcorebands in the world!! F.I.D. is an Japanese all girl grindcoreband an I swear you wouldn´t recognise. I admit that I started to grin because of the growls of the frontgirl! Don´t get me wrong they do their job well!
This solid 7" comes with issue #19 of the "Short fast & loud" magazine. One of the best HC / Power violence / Grindcore magazines around!

Country: USA / Japan
Label: Six weeks
Year: 2008
Format: 7"



Shit, what a bastard collaboration!! When I first listend to this 7" I started with the HALF GORILLA an I was blown away but then I switched to the LOADED FOR BEAR side and I was like: "Holy shiat, what´s that????" LOADED FOR BEAR are even better!!!
Top notch heavily pissed power violence grind from both bands!! Cool, angry lyrics with explanations for every song, great! This split 7" is so hard, it took 3 record labels to realease it! Namely: Background noise media corps, Hip kid records and Halo of flies. It comes with a cool backside foldout cover, badly cut out cardboard. Totally DIY.
You may download this record here but you have to buy this fucker or the bear and the gorilla are going to rip you apart!
Check out their myspace pages. There are plenty of information on upcoming releases from both bands an even a whole live show video from LFB!

Country: USA
Label: Background noise media corps, Hip kid records and Halo of flies
Year: 2008
Format: 7"


Samstag, 10. Mai 2008

RETALIATION - Bad bad news! :-(

Bad news in the RTLN camp:

"Vocalist Carlsson has been diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

We've known for quite some time that he's been feeling like a big pile of crap and hasn't really been up to par with his body. Now we know why.
Due to this we've decided to cancel all shows, planned and unplanned, from now to discuss how to move to the next level.
We will however continue making music and recording shit.
Our thoughts go out to him at this point and hopes he'll feel better soon.

For those who dont know what MS is, this is from Wikipedia:
Multiple sclerosis (abbreviated MS, also known as disseminated sclerosis or encephalomyelitis disseminata) is an autoimmune condition in which the immune system attacks the central nervous system (CNS), leading to demyelination. It may cause numerous physical and mental symptoms, and often progresses to physical and cognitive disability."

Dienstag, 29. April 2008

SNIFFING GLUE - Suburban suicide, suburban violence

After the amazing album SNIFFING GLUE keep us hooked with this worthy follow up 7". Chaotic, pissed, snotty hardcore punk. Cutting chainsaw guitars, catchy singalongs. Great great great!
300 copies have been pressed by Search of fame records. No need to say, that they were sold within weeks, good luck getting one of the orginal copies. Now Markus from Per Koro records has released a repress on his sublabel Barfight records. Go get this 7" if you didn´t get the orginal. The record is incredibly good and Markus is worth the support!

SNIFFING GLUE - Suburban suicide, suburban violence
Country: Germany
Label: Search for fame (org) / Barfight records (repress)
Year: 2008
Format: 7"


Montag, 28. April 2008


Cool JFA / RKL styled punk brought to you by 2 very congenial record labels from Osnabrück / Germay named HARDWARE Records and AUDIOGORILLA. Check them out for fucks sake! BAD ANTICS play snotty mid 80s Usa punk in the vain of JFA / RKL / early Black Flag like I said above. Lyrically they deal with skatboarding and typical problems of adolescents. This is nothing new but cool stuff for your next Skateboard session. Did I say that you have to check out Hardware - and Audiogorilla records? ;-)

Country: USA
Label: Hardware - / Audiogorilla records
Year:: 2008
Format: 7"


Samstag, 26. April 2008

EA80 - Mixtape

The recent 7" by flawless German cult punk band EA80. I am one of the lucky 600 people who had the opportunity buying this record from the band at one of their shows. That means I won´t have to pay horrible prices at ebay and I don´t have to go down on some asshole collector to get a copy. Yes of course this one is sold out. I realized some people at the EA80 show saying that they just bought it to sell it at ebay. I hate those scumfucks. You have to love this record and I´m not going to sell it ever. What makes this record so lovable? Well it was simply made with love so it seems. Side A contains 2 Songs. Both songs run at the same time in two parallel spines. How awsome is that? (I thing Fucked up did such a gimmick as well didn´t they?) No flipping sides anymore ;-) Side B has an etching done by Martin, singer of the band. Well this 7" is limited to 600 copies, but instead of handwritten numbers ever copy has the songtitles handwritten on the back. In fact on the tape case, which is printed on the backcover. Amazing idea, even better than numbers.
Now enjoy the two awesome songs. "Mixtape" a bitter sweet symphony full of melancholy and "Wer will mich daran hindern" is a fast punkrock smasher!

EA80 - Mixtape
Country: Germany
Label: Squoodge Records
Year:: 2007
Format: 7"


THOUSANDSWILLDIE - A carcass is only dead once

"This is blasphemy! This madness!" - "THIS IS THOUSANDSWILLDIE". What a fucking intense Grindcore 7" this is!! Holy moly. All hail Thousandswilldie from the Bay Area.
Another awesome release from REGURIGITATED SEMEN Records. Their outputs can be bought blindly by now. Killerelease after Killerrelease. Okay back to THOUSANDSWILLDIE: Insane Grindcore Mania. Don´t get me wrong. This bands plays really fucked up, but this is no pure noise. These guys can play! They also have a Demo CD-R on Dying Faith Records and I asked them to send me a copy. They were friendly until I told them that I´m from Germany. From there on I never got any reply again. Thats fucked up, yeah.
Their new Split 7" with PSYCHOFAGIST on Nothing positiv Records should be released by now. Go ask Nothing Positiv Recs, you´ll properbly get a reply no matter where you come from!

(I tagged this 7" as side A and side B. Listen to the songs and you will understand why...)

THOUSANDSWILLDIE- A carcass is only dead once
Country: USA
Label: Regurgitate Semen Records
Year:: 2008
Format: 7"


Freitag, 25. April 2008

SEX VID - Nests

New SEX VID 7". Kinda disapointment compared to the first 2 singles. If SEX VID hadn´t released 2 groundbreaking 7"es, this one could have been an awsome release. But as a follow up it´s just not enough. 2 short fast tracks and 1 stoner styled song, not bad though I hate slow music. Side A 2:30 min and side B 3:30 ain´t long enough neither.
Released by Dom America, the label that also released SEX VIDs limited live tape. Some shitheads already paid 26 $ for this records though it was still available everywhere except for the label. Stupid losers!
If somebody would sell me their 1st 7" for a reasonable price or likes to trade get in touch!

SEX VID - Nest
Country: USA
Label: Dom America
Year:: 2008
Format: 7"



Killer Split! Both bands kick ass big time. Both bands differ from their new stuff. RETALIATION sound much rawer than their 12"es. Top notch old school grindcore. The production is simple but effective. Definately as good as their recent stuff but more basic.
Exhumed are even better as I remembered their lately albums on Relapse. Less metal more speed.That´s more like it! Pure deathgrind, holy shit!
Killer team up!!! Released on small Italian label Headfucker Records.

Country: Schweden / USA
Label: Headfucker Records
Year:: 1998
Format: 7"