Sonntag, 24. August 2008

MIND OF ASIAN - Chinmoku No Kiri No Naka

All double X chromosome attack here! Furious estrogen thrash that makes every male band run for cover! So intense! I first discovered MIND OF ASIAN when I heard the JAPAN TRASH REVOLOUTION Comp on 625 Thrash. Which I also posted here half a year ago. MOA were the first band on this comp and I was like "what the hell is this?". They totally blew me away. Insane noisy Japanes high speed thrash. Their singer screams so hysterical, I thinks she´s going nuts everytime she grabs a microphone. I tried to get all their releases but that´s not easy outside Japan. They even say: `Sorry but we can accept the mail order from only Japan´! But if you are interested, it should be easy to get this cd an their split lp with STRAIGHT EDGE KEGGER everywhere at least. Okay the lousy cover artwork reminds me of some girly shit but you should see the myspace site then. All bling bling Japanese girly stuff!! It all doesn´t fit! What´s next? Hello Kitty MIND OF ASIAN shirts? But who cares as long as the music´s kicking ass like it does? Not me! And, in fact: Who needs skulls and black and white layout anyway? ;-)
I´m going to post their old `Akai Hana´ 7" next. These girls don´t need a womens quota, they kick testicles big time! Great!!!
Ah, Ps: Cd only releases suck big time of course! So grab it here!!

MIND OF ASIAN - Chinmoku No Kiri No Naka Cd
Country: Japan
Label: Sound pollution
Year: 2006
Format: Cd


Samstag, 23. August 2008


Stuff I have on vinyl or just don´t like. If you want some write me an EMAIL!

ASESINO - Corridos de muerte (Demoniac) 7,-
HAMMERHEAD - Stay where the pepper grows (X-Mist) 7,-
ANCIENT CHINESE SECRET - Caveat Emptopr (Slap-a-ham) 4,-
QUEERFISH - The b punk are (Per Koro) 4,-
TIME SPENT DRIVING - Walls between us (Unfun) 4,-
NO ESCAPE - Just accept it (Lost & Found) 3,-
ASSÜCK - Anticcapital / Blindspot / +3 (Common cause) 7,-
BRUJERIA - Raza Odiada ( Roadrunner) 7,-
TKINK.TRY - 4 dead life corp.never was.against (Hurry up) 3,-
NOFX - Ribbed (Epitaph) 5,-
INTRICATE - [va:l] (Century media) 7,-
THE PROMISE RING - Wood / water (Anti) 6,-
ADJUDGEMENT At two o´clock (PCS) 3,-
NATIONS ON FIRE - Strike the match + SCRAPS - Wrapped up... (X-Mist) 7,-
SHADOWS FALL - The war within + DVD (Century media) 7,-
324 - Boutokkunotaiyo (HG Fact) 7,-

MIND OVER FOUR - The goddess (Caroline) 4,-
KRITICKÁ SITUACE - s/t (Day after) 3,-
ASSASSINS OF GOD - The jupiter... (Bonzen) 4,-
VA - Dad I can´t breath [incl Boysetfire etc] (Creep) 4,-
EXTINCTION OF MANKIND - The nightmare seconds (Profane Existence) NEW 5,-
ROTTEN SOUND - Exit [lim to 350] (Willowtip) NEW, shrinkwrapped 12,-
TOTALVERLUST - s/t (Suburban hardcore) NEW, 254/500 5,-
BURN YOUR BRIDGES - s/t (Deep Six) NEW 6,-
IRON MAIDEN - Piece of mind (EMI) 4,-
VOORHEES - Spilling blood... (Zandor) NEW 7,- RESERVED
REIGN OF BOMBS / BOMBSTRIKE - Split (Yellow dog) NEW 7,-
HERO DISHONEST - s/t (combat rock) NEW 7,-

APRIL - s/t (Bastardizied) 2,-
VA - Break the distrust [Kina, Sleeper, Peace of mind etc] (World upside down) 2,-
MEREL / ICONOCLAST - Split (Old glory) 2,-
AVULSION / LACERATION - Split (Clean plate) 3,-
FILTHY CHARITY / S.R.M.P. - Split (Psychomania) 3,-
ANARCRUST - s/t (self) 2,-
ASSFACTOR 4 - Sometimes I suck (Auricle) 3,-
HALF MAN - No choice but to learn (Chicken farm) 2,-

Mittwoch, 20. August 2008

BLANK STARE - 1st 7"

Part 1 of my BLANK STARE 7" collection. I´m going to post all three of them chronological. So this is their 1st ep released by the band itself in 2005 and what a cornerstone!!! Angry, pissed off Straight Edge Hardcore. Non of your kindergarten youthcrew bullshit and no jock bullshit either. This is hard but no toughguy attitude here. Take your positivity and stick it up your arse. BLANK STARE is negative as life itself.
Okay, this 7" starts off with a screamed `Straaaaaiiiiight Edge´ and then a reservoir of hate is effused! Straight fast hardcore punk with a slightly thrashcore edge that makes you gonna scream along an go off like mad. Heavyweight crew vocals makes this 7" even more threatening. If you like bands like HAYMAKER, LEFT FOR DEAD or 97a there´s a 99% chance that you´ll dig BLANK STARE. Fuck why do I have to intodruce them anyway? If you love HAVE HEART this is anti YOU! Fuck you.
What a great band! Go get their new 12". I´m only going to upload the 7"es.

BLANK STARE - 1st 7"
Country: USA
Label: Blank stare
Year: 2005
Format: 7"


Montag, 18. August 2008

CROW - Hametsu No Haoto Lp

This is a sort of premiere. This is a digitized record I stole from another blog. I got this from the amazing Mad Blasts of Chaos Blog. Divided in side A and B because side B is kind hard to tag. But I added the tracklist to the folder.But this is more of an appeal than a usual posting including a download.
This is my appeal: If anybody has this 12" and wants to trade or sell it get in touch with me. I need it so bad! Beware: I now that this 12" is rare so I would pay what has to be paid, but I won´t pay a totally unreasonable sick price. But I´m sure we can work something out.
All the Japcore maniacs know what I´m talking about when I tell you how good this band is. 1000 copies have been released by their own label Crow records. In case you don´t know this awsome record, which sounds like a bastard between fast AMEBIX and RAMMER (the trashmetal band from Canada) to me, go download it now and join me worshipping!



Okay here it is: The killer 10" I praised before! What a team up! HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH sound more complex and more structured than on their Goatmeal 5". I´d say even better! Fastcore thrash taken to a higher level. The revolutions per minute will drive you insane! Killer tracks! Especially the KORO coverversion of "Acid casualty" is very good. CHAINSAW TO THE FACE kinda supply the grindcore fans. Harsh vocals, high-octane fastcore grind. More brutal than H.O.D. even including double bass parts. I really really love H.O.D. but I´d say I like C.T.T.F. even more on this release. It´s a hard decision, who is the chief of this team up. Decide for yourself. You should definately get this record released by Cowabunga records!

Be prepared for the HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH 7" I´m going to post next. The best stuff they released to date in my opinion.

Country: USA
Label: Cowabunga
Year: 2008
Format: 10"


Samstag, 16. August 2008

I´M BACK !!!

My living room has been rearranged after I renovated it completely.
Tomorrow I´m going to construct the new floor in my corridor.
The finished living room means that I´m able to digitize my records again.
So be prepared for some fucked up noise!!!

Btw, here it is. Dosen´t it look like some yuppie flat? Not that punk, huh?
Cry me a river und fuck what you think!!! :-)

Donnerstag, 14. August 2008

DROP DEAD - European mini tour dates

See you in Hamburg fuckas!

HAYMAKER - Demo tape - Ebay madness Pt. II

According to this it´s getting even `better´. *bling bling*

(Click to enlarge)