Montag, 20. Juli 2009


Hi folks.
I know, I know I haven´t been around here for a while. I just didn´t have the time to post here. Now it seems that all the dust has settled I´m free to breath again.
Right now I´m digitizing tons of awesome grind / power violence records. I bought about some hundred records in the last weeks... ;-)
I don´t want to tell you what you will get here but it will be delightful as always.
In the meantime check out this hilarious piece of bootleg / fake shirt I saw at the Obscene Extreme fest in the Czech Republic. It´s basicly a Heresy T-shirt with a picture of Kevin from 7 Seconds, hahaha.

Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2009


Meet me this weekend here:

Dienstag, 7. April 2009

PUNCH - Demo Tape

I guess Chris is the only person who´s not overwhemled by San Franciscos PUNCH. Their 7" striked like a bomb and everybody´s waiting for the new album on Discos Huelga/625 Thrash which will be released soon!
In the meantime you should check out their 2007 demo tape (Thx to Olli for providing me a copy). Okay the demo only contains two songs that are not on the 7" but who cares? Ultra high speed hardcore thrash with a female singer that sounds so incredible pissed. No long guitar feedbacks here, no sludgy parts, no time to breath deeply here. Absolutely insane stuff. Cool lyrics as well, about veganism and medical improvidence for example.
I´d love to see this band playing live and if you live in Japan you should check them out because they are going on tour there in june! I hope that they´ll come over to Europe some day!!
This tape was limited to 100 copies so you won´t find an original copy so easily. Go download it here.

PUNCH - 2007 Demo
Country: USA
Label: Punch
Year: 2007
Format: Tape



As you know by now I a huge admirer of HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH. I got in touch with Mike the drummer of HOD and I ordered 2 copies of this split tape and a shirt and he charged me 10 Euros!!! First I thought he made a mistake when he converted the total cost including shipping to Germany into Euros. Everybody over here knows that 10 Euros for a shirt, 2 tapes and oversea shipping a almost like getting a gift. Generally I have to pay almost 10 Euros for shipping when I order an Lp from the states. So I asked him if he´s sure about the total in Euros. He was and I was so very happy about the price. Thanks Mike!! This release is limited to 50 Cd - and 50 tape copies.
Okay back to the music. First off I have to tell you that this file only contains the songs from the HOD side of the tape. I don´t dig the POMIV sound at all. Justin from HOD is also playing guitar in POMIV but I can´t stand their style anyway. I just can´t stand gore grind w/ down tuned gutteral vocals (I guess that what those vocals are called nowadays...).
It doesn´t bother me because the HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH songs on this tape are so fucking outstanding. Do you wanna know what speed is? This is like a tornado!! Fast as hell and over shortly after it came by!! And like a real tornado it destroys everything in it´s way!! Everything´s on point like a swiss clockwork and well produced. Bingo, it would have been perfect if it have been longer. It´s marginal longer than 3 minutes!!! Before Chris digitized the tape for me (thx bro) I heard the HOD side and rewinded it over and over again. Mike wrote to me that there will be a discography tape very soon an a new full lenght Lp / Cd out in May / June. So stay on alert and have fun with this short appetizer before the next storm!!

Thx Mike for the stuff an the admission to upload the tape here!

Country: USA
Label: Swine
Year: 2007
Format: Tape / Cd


Samstag, 21. März 2009


Inglewood´s in tha hoooouuuusssseee muthafukka!! FINAL DRAFT are in everybodys mouth at the moment for a good reason. They´re just insane. They just had their breakthrough with their recent 7". Here we have their 1st split 7" with their local homies from APATHETIC YOUTH who don´t even have to hide behind the DRAFT on this record. Well everybody has to hide from the lastest FINAL DRAFT 7" but this is their more decent older stuff. Don´t missunderstand me, this releases is still top notch high speed power violence but it´s more rough, more simple and hectic than the newer stuff from FINAL DRAFT. Make sure to watch out for their upcoming release on Regurgitated Semen records!! I ordered a shirt from the band last year and I can say that they´re really nice and reliable.
Okay let´s flip this little violent bastard: Here we have APATHETIC YOUTH (Do you always have to be apathetic like AxRxMx to share a record w/ the DRAFT?).
Holy moly is there something in the drinking water in Inglewood? Three Chicos fucking shit up!! Angry fast-like-whirlwind hardcore with two pissed singers. It´s not that typical power violence style it has more of a youth crew edge but played on 78 rp/m. Great stuff!!
Grap you skateboard an thraaaaash some shit!!
By the way: I love the rap samples both bands use, it makes the brutal stuff somehow hilarious.

Country: USA
Label: Deep six
Year: 2005
Format: 7"



You might have heard about it, read about it, but have you ever heard the legendary nacho-shaped 8" of everybodies Power violence darlings WEEKEND NACHOS? Only 50 copies have been pressed and sold at the Repos farewell show on 3/29/2008.
This record is one of the coolest items in my collection. Like I said it´s nacho-shaped, one-sided and 8" of pure musical destruction.
Well okay, the 4 songs on this gem have been re-released in a new mastered version on the "This comp kills fascists" (Or "This BOX kills fascists" for the better hung guys like me, haha) on Relapse records, but I ripped my 8" anyway because the songs sound more raw and less clean on this record. You might think that a record, limited to 50 copies only contains outtakes or bad material but you are wrong here. The four songs are really awsome and represents WEEKEND NACHOS as the incredible killer band they simply are! My favorite song is Priorities which is perfect to sing along and has a stunning break-down: `Blowing off friends every day, just to get fucking laid. Fuck that!!!!´ I could write how great WEEKEND NACHOS are but if don´t even heard them yet you don´t deserve my effort of writing a describtion because we already wrote plenty of postings concerning the NACHOS.
Have fun with the most raw recordings I know from WEEKEND NACHOS. Oh and by the way: There´s some sizzling noise in some songs Chris and I weren´t able to filter out, sorry.

Country: USA
Label: Drugged conscience
Year: 2008
Format: 8"


Donnerstag, 19. März 2009

EXTORTION - Terminal cancer 7"

As you know, this is the recent EXTORTION 7" called Terminal cancer. The reason why I ripped my copy for you is that it seems that many people didn´t get their hands on this. So a lot of people who missed out asked me to rip my copy, that´s why I post a new record here, something I actually refuse. You might have heard that this EXTORTION stuff is different! They wanted to create something completely raw so they recorded these song on a Yamaha MT3X in a room. Check out the effect yourself. So raw and pissed like they´ve never sounded before (exept for their demo tape). Holy crap this 7" sounds so filthy and harsh. That´s what I needed after their disappointing split 5". Too bad only a few people were able to buy this gem!! I don´t even know why. Maybe it´s because of a bad distribution, SHORTFUSE records don´t even have an online presence and WAY BACK records don´t even mention attendance on this release on their homepage! I got my copy from Painkiller records but I was very lucky. Their copies were sold within days. Maybe there are 400 copies left under the bed of the head of SHORTFUSE records, I don´t know. I wish you all the best to get a copy of this amazing EXTORTION record. Check it out, you´re gonna love it!

EXTORTION - Terminal cancer
Country: Australia
Label: Shortfuse / Way back when
Year: 2009
Format: 7"


Update: I received a snotty mail from Ronald (Way back when records) who seems to be pissed about what I wrote about Way back when records. So I stand corrected: check their incredible awsome killer webpage
(When I posted it, it hasn´t been mentioned on the wbw homepage!)

Dienstag, 17. März 2009

INTO THE GORE - Bureau of disgust Cd

George one of the singers of INTO THE GORE wrote me about Mosh Eisley and asked me if I could post the last Cd of his band. I am a nice guy and Chris and I strongly believe in the Network of friends attitude so I agreed right away without even knowing INTO THE GORE.
When I received the Cd some days ago and gave it a try I was simply blow away!
I wanted to post the Cd to do him a favour at first but now I love to post it because it´s simply amazing. Their sound is described as death grind, but that´s too trivial to me. The guitars are very hardcore-ish almost punk-styled. Okay the drums sound kinda metal but I´d call it just very fast hardcore, filled with tons of blast beats and crunchy breakdowns. Two singers who do the high / low pitched vocals job. Really brutal shit!!!
Unfortunately the band split up after the tragical fatal motorcycle accident of Michale Alexander their co-founder, guitar player and high pitched singer. I never really realized the music scene of Greece but if there are more incredible bands like INTO THE GORE I should definately check it out. The Cd comes in a very cool digi pack, very extensive. George told me that he´d love to find a record label who´d release this album on vinyl. If somebody could help them out with the idea of releasing it on vinyl please get in touch with them through the myspace profile. Fasten your seat belts and check out this intense heavy band!!

INTO THE GORE - Bureau of disgust
Country: Greece
Label: Venerate Industries / Blastbeat Mailmurder
Year: 2006
Format: Cd


Freitag, 6. Februar 2009

VA - TO LIVE A LIE Three year sampler Cd

I already wanted to post this compilation some time ago, but for some reasons I never managed to do so. The reason why I kick myself up the arse to post this Cd at last is that Will from TO LIFE A LIE records seemd to have some problems encoding it with a proper rate. So here it is, encoded with 320 kbs. Like you´ve properbly realized this is a TO LIFE A LIE label sampler. TLAL doesn´t need any introducion of course. This Cd feature the bands TLAL records has released records / cds of, within the last 3 years (must have been 4 already - I´ve ordered my copy of this in August 2008). This comp features some of the most famous acts in extreme music but on the other hand it contains bands even I never heard of [/cocky mode]!!! "Creme de la Creme" meets "give them a try", that what I call perfect mix. It even means something personal to me, because on this compilation I heard FINAL DRAFT for the very first time, who became one of my favourite bands! Thx to this cd.
51 songs on a pro-pressed cd for only 1.50$!! Hello? Why didn´t you order your copy already? What you get are songs of FINAL DRAFT, P.L.F., BLOODY PHOENIX, MAGRUDERGRIND, MESERINE, PROLETAR, UNHOLY GRAVE, FxPxÖx, AGATHOCLES, XBRAINIAX, GODSTOMPER and so on and so on!!! All songs have been released on TLAL records yet, so what? Do you have all the TLAL releases? Generally I hate cd-only releases but I don´t dare to complain for only 1.50$ a copy.
At least download it here and drop Will a line about how great it is!

VA - TO LIVE A LIE Three year sampler Cd
Country: worldwide
Label: To live a lie records
Year: 2008
Format: Cd



Attentive readers of this blog already know that I´m a great admirer of IN DISGUST. Since I received their 10" called "Reality choke" I´m totally in love. Here we have a killer team up and it´s more of a team up then any other split records. This not one of thoses split releases where each band has its own side. The songs were recorded together live @ radio KFJC. Two bands, one room, one session. That means both bands alternate. The set beginns with a coin-tossing game and then all hell breaks loose.
This split 7" is called "Audio terrorism". A title that fits perfectly: This is really harsh, noisy grind violence that will terrorize the ears of weakling. Promising, isn´t it? :-)
Even GODSTOMPER, a band that normally doesn´t kick me sound insane here. Nasty grindcore with some electronical background noises. The band has been around for years and you properbly own some records of them yourself. They released tons of (split) releases. [By the way, you can download their "Anarchy USA" HERE but beware: it´s just experimental, electronical low-fi beats / noise. No grindcore here at all!!]
IN DISGUST do what they are best at: Incredible brutal grindcore that takes no prisoners. They recently released a discography Cd on Torture Garden Picture Company containing the 10" all 3 split 7", the demo and 2 unreleased songs! Can somebody send me the 2 unreleased songs? I have all their other releases. Just need the unreleased stuff. Thx!
This 7" has no tracklist and there are almost no breaks between the songs, so I just tagged this 7" just into side a (started by IN DISGUST 5:21 min) and - b (beginns with GODSTOMPER 6:00 min). Seperating the songs would have disempowered the recording anyway.

Country: USA
Label: Unholy Thrash records
Year: 2008
Format: 7"


Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2009

HATRED SURGE - Con artist / lack of intelligence 5"

Here we have the highly treasured 5" of the famous one-man grind project HATRED SURGE. It contains only 2 songs from 2005 that were meant to be on some compilations. It seems that theses comilations never saw the light of day so Alex Hughes the man behind HATRED SURGE deceided to release them as a 5". Basically this is more of a collectors item because it contains only 2 song and even one of them is a DISRUPT cover song. The sound quality is moderate, kinda rough. I like their own song "Con artist" best because it has a lot of power and the female vocals make it more diverse. Released by Rescued from Life records, the label who already brought you killer releases by KILL THE CLIENT, PLF, SYPHILIC VAGINAS, NOISEAR and so on and so on.
Clear wax, limited to 100 copies, already way to expensive to get a copy, so go download it.

HATRED SURGE - Con artist / Lack of intelligence
Country: USA
Label: Rescued from life
Year: 2008
Format: 5"


PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI - De Anarkistiske An(n)aler

Today I received the new PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI Lp called "De Anarkistiske An(n)aler". OH MY GOD!!! I already thought that the demos were ultra brutal and tight. But the new album takes it even one step further into extremity. It sounds so pissed, so angry. The music is so tight and well arranged. No just simple grindcore, it´s really diverse! The production is so good, not overproduced like some Relapse bands, but´s it´s a high quality production that fits to the music perfectly. Everything´s done by a single man. That´s what I call DIY!! Everything seems perfect about this Norwegian death machine!
Though I know that MØLLEN the man behind PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI likes the idea of getting records at blogs, I´m not going to upload this new album here yet. Well, I´m going to ask Steven Crucificados who, along with 625 Thrash has released this record what he thinks about downloading it here.
I want everybody to buy this lp anyway!! I mean everyone of you. Not just because it features one of the best grindcore sounds recently, MØLLEN is such a nice guy and the labels are worthy the support.

Anticipate the next PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI releases:
- Regnskog, Fred og Vegetarmat 7" EP (625, Crucificados)
- Parlamentarisk Sodomi/Blodsprut split 7" EP (Crucificados)

Have you order it yet? Well go on then!!!!

PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI - De Anarkistiske An(n)aler
Country: Norway
Label: 625 Thrash / Crucificados
Year: 2009
Format: Lp

Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2009


How cool is that? I just received one of the eight testpressings for the HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - Goatmeal 5". This testpressing has the size of a 7". It has a personalized cover and inner sleeve. My copy is # 3 / 8.
I tell you what: It´s sound exactly like the 5"! ;-) But I love it anyway!

Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2009

324 / SLIGHT SLAPPERS - Split 7" flexi

This flexi 7" still leaves me speechless. Imagine one of your favourite bands releases the worst record ever!!! Right, this is such an enormous pile of shit!! 324 are my favourite japanese Grindcore band! They have released so much outstanding releases except this one!! You know the sound of 324 for sure, don´t you? Well imagine your neighbour is listening to a 324 live set he recorded with his mobile phone and you are taping this sound with a tape recorder that `s 30 years old. After that recording session you´re putting this tape in the washing machine. After that procedure you are listening to that tape on one of the 80s walkman with extremely crappy headphones. Can you imagine that?
To me it´s a crime putting such horrible crap on a record. The shitty sound of a flexi disc has it´s own part in this shame! Further on there are more things to complain about on this output. There ard NO informations about the 324 side. NOT EVEN A TRACKLIST. There are 2 song on the 324 side (I guess) that I didn´t even cut into parts. I had enough trouble to digitize this shit. My turntable seemed not to realize that there is music on this record... I tried to make the best of it, haha.
Don´t get me wrong: Is ain´t the first 324 ever which they recorded at a rehearsal session. This record was released in 2000. After the band has released such awesome records like the BOUTOKUNOTAIYO album or the SOULWINTER 7". Worst letdown ever!!
The split side of this flexi 7" fits perfect to the crap on the A-side!
Do SLIGHT SLAPPERS really think that this song is funny? At least I know the name of the song. It´s called "Vanette" so the cover says. On the disc it´s called "Banette". The song is labeled as `crazy kids version´, I didn´t pay attention to that but then I realized that the vocals are done by a young child somehow skewed.
Or by some adult, you cannot say because of the voice effect, don´t know, don´t care. One thing I can say: This sucks major time!!! Needless to say that the sound is as shitty as on the 324 side. According to the internet this record was given away at a 324 / SLIGHT SLAPPERS show. My advise: Go download it, give it a listen as long as you can take it, to hear what it´s all about and then delete it because it´s a waste of disc space. Well maybe some of those fucked up noise freaks are into it...
I don´t understand why HG:Fact released such a waste under their flag.

324 / SLIGHT SLAPPERS - Split 7" flexi
Country: Japan
Label: HG Fact
Year: 2000
Format: 7" flexi


Freitag, 2. Januar 2009


Happy new year folks. The new year hasn´t even started properbly yet and I already got the aspirant for the coolest package 2009. I´m talking about the new THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE / SHANK split 7". It was released on SCHIZOPHRENIC records and it´s limited to 300 copies so hurry up. Because I´m better than you I received a copy of the special edition limited to 100 copies and that edition is special indeed!!!!!
Take a look:

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

Awsome, isn´t it? Okay just some collector nerd shit, who cares!? :-)

This is what THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE wrote:
"A limited edition of the 7” includes an additional 7x15 sleeve, colour vinyl and an extra non-playable disc. The Chew hand stenciled the extra sleeve and non-playable disc. The limited edition is hand numbered out of 100 copies; however we only have approximately 60 for sale. These records are available on a first come first served basis."
Of course the special edition is long gone!

HERE you can find some more informations about this beauty.