Dienstag, 7. April 2009

PUNCH - Demo Tape

I guess Chris is the only person who´s not overwhemled by San Franciscos PUNCH. Their 7" striked like a bomb and everybody´s waiting for the new album on Discos Huelga/625 Thrash which will be released soon!
In the meantime you should check out their 2007 demo tape (Thx to Olli for providing me a copy). Okay the demo only contains two songs that are not on the 7" but who cares? Ultra high speed hardcore thrash with a female singer that sounds so incredible pissed. No long guitar feedbacks here, no sludgy parts, no time to breath deeply here. Absolutely insane stuff. Cool lyrics as well, about veganism and medical improvidence for example.
I´d love to see this band playing live and if you live in Japan you should check them out because they are going on tour there in june! I hope that they´ll come over to Europe some day!!
This tape was limited to 100 copies so you won´t find an original copy so easily. Go download it here.

PUNCH - 2007 Demo
Country: USA
Label: Punch
Year: 2007
Format: Tape



Papst Benedikt XVI hat gesagt…

sehr cool! danke!

brownbrown hat gesagt…


thanks so much

Olli hat gesagt…

Dem ist nix hinzuzufügen....
Wow echt nur 100 copies!
Geiler shice :O)

Count Yorga hat gesagt…

kurz aber oho !
Coole Sängerin !

Hinnerk hat gesagt…

irgendwie das gefühlte next big thing. sehr nette leute, aber auch, glaube ich, ein wenig kalkül.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hey - thanks SO MUCH for posting this demo! I stumbled into exposure to these guys through another blog and have become a great admirer of their stuff. Even going so far as to pre-order the new release that should be shipping any time now.

So your blogs WORK, they really help bands promote and even snag PAYING CUSTOMERS sometimes, like myself.

Thanks again for the amazing job, it's people like you who have restored my faith in the younger generation, my peak-days were when bands like INFEST, HERESY, LARM etc etal were actually still together - so the new fresh blood being promoted through the blogs is a saviour!


Robi_Wan hat gesagt…

Hey thank you very much for your kind words. That´s an extra boost for taking care in doing it!!!
We really apprciate it!!
I´m getting 35 years in August so I´m really happy to be called one of the younger generation!!! :-)

chrisapproach hat gesagt…


i'm turning 33 this year.due to your kind words i'm feeling a little bit younger again :D.

Will Towles hat gesagt…

This blow my head off! Thanks!