Montag, 18. August 2008

CROW - Hametsu No Haoto Lp

This is a sort of premiere. This is a digitized record I stole from another blog. I got this from the amazing Mad Blasts of Chaos Blog. Divided in side A and B because side B is kind hard to tag. But I added the tracklist to the folder.But this is more of an appeal than a usual posting including a download.
This is my appeal: If anybody has this 12" and wants to trade or sell it get in touch with me. I need it so bad! Beware: I now that this 12" is rare so I would pay what has to be paid, but I won´t pay a totally unreasonable sick price. But I´m sure we can work something out.
All the Japcore maniacs know what I´m talking about when I tell you how good this band is. 1000 copies have been released by their own label Crow records. In case you don´t know this awsome record, which sounds like a bastard between fast AMEBIX and RAMMER (the trashmetal band from Canada) to me, go download it now and join me worshipping!



xEssigyouthx hat gesagt…

rob, du wirst mich köpfen, aber so gut finde ich die lp nicht. diese metal einflüsse gefallen mir einfach nicht.

Robi_Wan hat gesagt…

Du magst ja auch Have Heart... ;-)
Da ist Hopfen und Malz verloren!! :-)

Robi_Wan hat gesagt…

Got the record!!!!