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SKEEZICKS - No second chance Lp

Though I actually need a time off blogging, I feel like I owe this posting to Count Yorga for beeing a faithful visitor of Mosh Eisley. Plus this band deserves a real posting. Normally I wouldn´t have digitalized this record because I don´t like live albums plus the sound quality sucks too much. What would you expect from theRip-off label No. 1 LOSTnFOUND? Even the band recommended not to buy this Lp. I upgraded it with some bass boosts because the sound was so thin you couldn´t hardly enjoy this album. I also cut the songs and upgraded them with fade ins and -outs because otherwise it would have sounded bad because of the screaming live audience between the songs. So with all the efforts I thinks it´s worth a posting.
Okay SKEEZICKS actually don´t need any introducion. Along with the SPERMBIRDS they have been one of the first hardcore bands in Germany. Okay there have been many punkbands already but SKEEZICKS presented the early American style HC. As you can hear a major influece has been NEGATIVE APPROACH whose "Nothing" is also covered on this live Lp. The singer of SKEEZICKS sounded very similar to John Brannon. At least he tried to. I like their Lp and especially their 7" a lot and they remind me of the good old times. This live Lp features the farewell show which took place on 20.4.1991, years after the 7" and the "Selling out" Lp have been released.
Armin the bass player of SKEEZICK also runs the X-Mist Label and - mailorder where you HAD to order when you wanted to get Hardcore records from around the world back in the eighties. I don´t remember how much money I spent ordering from X-Mist in the end of the eighties. X-Mist records is still existing nowadays btw.
The KFTH page just told me that there was a SKEEZICKS discography Cd released by 625 Thrash. Get it and listen to the songs taken from the "There´s a Charlie brown in everyone of us" 7". Theses songs rock!! Maybe I´m going to post this 7" in the future...
So this posting is for you Count Yorga. Thx for your support!

SKEEZICKS - No second chance
Country: GERMANY
Label: Lost & Found
Year: 1991
Format: Lp (+Cd?)



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Jeder Mensch hat so seine Träume...
Ich wollte immer einmal die Skeezicks live sehen, leider war mir das nicht vergönnt. Ohne Zweifel bildeten sie die Speerspitze der ersten deutschen HC Generation und viel Bands könnten sich von ihnen eine Scheibe abschneiden. Kein blödes Toughguygekasper - einfach pure Gänsehautmusik ! Eigentlich bin ich auch kein großer Fan von Liveplatten, einige Bands sind es aber definitiv wert. Die Skeezicks ist eine davon. Vielen Dank Robi !!! Diese Platte ist wirklich ein posting wert.
Übrigens ist die Disco CD wirklich sehr zu empfehlen. Ich habe die LP und die EP auf Vinyl, weil ich nicht so ein großer CD Fan bin.

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Killer to post this! I just started writing to Armin (bass) after losing touch in 1990 when I moved to the US - always a Skeezicks fan in the 80's and remained lovin' it the rest of my life. This is the only release I never bought from them, and didn't even know it was pressed. Thanks Mosh, you made my day no matter what people think of the label or the quality! Cheers of the most massive extremities. - the aussie/exmorbidroadie -

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Awesome band, I got a 7'' of trapped in labels many years ago in South Africa.