Samstag, 4. Oktober 2008


Chris started to express my thoughts of being sick of postig because I told him. He totally agreed with me like with most of my views. Thx friend.
The new wave of music blogs is spilling over immensely. And Mosh Eisley is just a part of it. Most of the records I want to blog are already available elsewhere. No big deal, but I dislike the way a lot of other blogs are presenting them. See, I mostly post records that mean something to me. I`m always thinking about how to review the records. I love to read additional informations on the records which are postet at some good music blogs and even more some personal stuff about them. And If I love a record I want to share why I love it and why it´s worth downloading it.
More and more blogs remind me of pure consume meccas. Some even without songtitles.
"I am lazy so here is a tracklist". Chris and I are trying to get the best out of your vinyl rips. Chris even tries to upgrading the sound, this is so much work I tell you.
Some days ago I found a rip of a brand new record. It was digitalized with 128 kbs, so it sounded like shit. What would you think if you have a band and you would find a rip of you brand new album and it´s sounds awful?
It just frustrates me seeing the records I wanted to post at another blog, posted just to consume. Shitty sounding, no tags, "here you are"...
I have to thank blogs like I AM MEAN or TRUE PUNK & METAL among some others for making a difference!
Also I want to thank everybody who drop a line into our comment boxes.
Keep on going! Hardcore / Punk is how me make it. And it´s kinda hard to make it more than music to me at the moment!



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Papst Benedikt XVI hat gesagt…

I hear you talking, sir!

but as long as I'm involved in Punk / Hardcore there have been people that were along the lines of what I thought it should be and people that weren't.
with blogging it's no difference and just as I would't attend a Christian HC show I don't have to visit those blogs you're talking about!
I do what I do cause it's more than music for me! if it's just music for anybody else I couldn't care less! in my life Punk / HC kept me from going completly insane and/or suicide!
everybody who know's me will tell you that's the truth!

it pisses me off that the ones I despise also benefit from my/our efforts but as I can´t change that I try to ignore that and keep on doing it for the people that I think are worth doing it for! people like you and chris that give feedback, leave comments and are not just downloading!

now, back to my cat...

Olli hat gesagt…

Ja ist echt schade. Jugend 2.0 was will man da noch machen...
Danke für den Hinweis auf den Am I Mean Blog, der ist echt spitze, so wie dieser hier natürlich auch. Also bitte weitermachen. Danke ;)

Count Yorga hat gesagt…

Persönliche Beschreibungen und die Liebe zum Detail machen Eure Blogs zu etwas Besonderem. Das geht weit über puren Konsum hinaus. Leute, für die HC / Punk mehr bedeutet als reine Musik, wissen Eure Arbeit sicher zu schätzen !
Ich möchte mich an dieser Stelle für Eure geleistete bedanken.

Lo-Res Viscera hat gesagt…

Always been a big fan of your blog - sorry I haven't said so before.

I feel the same way as you do about so many blogs that just post a record & then steal some shitty "review" from AllMusicGuide or Wikipedia, etc.

Even worse is when you D/L from them, get it in the music player of your choice, and THE TAGS ARE ALL FUCKED UP!

People need to have a little more respect if they are going to "represent" a band they dig when they post their records. It's the least any decent blogger can do for sharing music w/ the masses freely.

I'd love to trade links with you, btw.

Jason / Lo-Res

Mars hat gesagt…


Soy-Black hat gesagt…

Ich wollte nur sagen das es doch garnicht so schlimm es wenn die Musik nur konsumiert wird. Klar manche finden das halt wichtig, auch Details sind nett, aber das ist nunmal nicht für alle wichtig. Musik steht ja wohl im Vordergrund aus welchem Grund sie gehört wird sollte doch Nebensache sein. Ist doch die Entscheidung die selbst getroffen werden sollte. Deswegen aufregen? Ich weiss nicht, ich würde mich lieber über die Aufregen die es so sehen wie du, dann aber kein Bock haben mal schnell was zu kommentieren. Den die haben ja den Anspruch den sie selbst nicht erfüllen.


xmannajax hat gesagt…

Ich kann auf jeden Fall nachvollziehen, warum man sich manchmal diesbezüglich angepisst fühlt. In Zeiten wo Kommunikation sich auf Wort- und Satzfragmente sowie das Posten von Emoticon - Smilies und Eigenbefindlichkeiten in zugehöriger Einsilbigkeit beschränkt (die oft keinen interessieren) ist dieser Blog sowas wie 'ne Oase. Und daher: weiter so. Ich lese die Reviews gern. Auch wenn ich viele Dinge hier finde, die im Nachhinein abu und an gar nicht mein Style sind, habe ich gerade durch die Kurzreviews immer wieder Top-Zeugs gefunden, was ich BEWUSST konsumiere und nicht ausschliesslich darum, um es zu besitzen, bzw. mir sämtlichen Larifari - Senf runterzuladen, was im Nachhinein irgendwann mal gehört wird, weil ich vor lauter Downsaugerei schon nicht mehr nachkomme. Stay true und Gruss aus dem Ruhrpott.

Batguano hat gesagt…

I'm not sure if it's been said already (my German is... well I don't speak German yet) but it would seem that these other cheap blogs that you mentioned would be a motivation for a quality blog like yours to keep going... with vengeance! It seems that you have a good following of people who appreciate what you do. When you do something right, the right kind of people show up.

For the all the past posts and the many to come,


FAN DEATH hat gesagt…

your blogs are awesome fuck all the posers

blend77 hat gesagt…

I agree with all the above sentinemts and agree with your post. I have also noticed many blogs with not even an ounce of a review. It blows my mind that people dont have anything to say.

Just albums for download. Many of the newest ones as well. I often feel that if you dont have anything to say about the music, than how can it be speaking to you?

shortfastloud hat gesagt…

i've a blog with new music, and i rarely write something. At first, i simply copied the nfo, later i try to find some reviews and/or comments on these records and add 'em to the post. In my last post i've written 4 lines cause i haven't find any info.

I'm really bad at writing, if i could express my feelings about the records easily, i'll do it, but i don't find the words.

i enjoy a lot more your blog and others that write so many things that the ones that don't write, in fact i read a lot and don't download too much

But i've always thought that the best way to know if you like some record is listening it, not reading about it, and this is what i do, give the interested people the opportunity of listen the bands i post.

And here is where i think that i'm "a bit different" to other blogs: new music by new bands that deserve be listened (in my opinion), and with good rips (scene or mine) and well tagged

By the way, thanks for the Skeezicks lp, i've the record but i'm interested in listen it with better sound.

Sapila hat gesagt…

you're really good at what you do - quality is all that s of significance in the end..

Anonym hat gesagt…

i'm gonna make my own journal