Samstag, 20. Dezember 2008

STAG PARTY, 9 o´ clock, my house.

I just took my girlfriend to her company christmas party. So Cash and me stayed home alone and deceided to throw a stag party with just the two of us. That meant frozen pizza, cat food and lotsa good music.
While I was stitching my INSECT WARFARE patch on my jacket, Cash decided what to hear.

So here´s a summing up of what we heard tonight while sitting on the couch in underpants, belching an farting and stitchin on patches like my mom did when I was a child (the stitching, not the farting, hahahaha).

I thought we could have started with something more mellow, but Cash called me a sissy an put on the first 7" of Inglewoods finest FINAL DRAFT. What a killer, definately one of the best new power violence bands!! ("Straight from Inglewood, and you know that it´s all good...") The only problem is that this 7" is over too soon, but I know about an upcoming split 7" with one of my faves BRUCEXCAMPBELL and a full length album, both on RSR, the best label around!

Okay Pizza´s ready. Goodamn I love Restaurante pizza Funghi.

When I proposed the INSECT WARFARE / AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED Split 5" Cash was like "Now you´re getting reasonable! But keep standing, it´s not worth sitting down, you have to flip the record in some seconds anyway!" I remember when I first heard this record. I launched the A-side and I thought "Wait a minute, this ain´t AG. NOSEBLEED nor IN. WARFARE" because AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED sounded so inconvenient, so unfamiliar. But it´s definately them alright.

Shortly after the 5" we went on with the recent KILL THE CLIENT Lp called "Cleptocracy". This record is the best example that a good record player (combined with a good stereo) sound better than even the best digital file. I heard this as Mp3 files first and I thought it is an awsome album. But when I got the record last month it kicked me off my feet. Holy mother of everything that´s good and pure. This album is sooo fuckin hard. One of the best grindcore albums in years!! Some people find it even "too hard!!!" Think of a mix between PIG DESTROYER (Prowler)and LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER ( Extinction)with a high end production (no, not over produced!)What a killer!!

I just opend a bottle of alcohol free white wine! I love the taste of this decadent shit!

For the next record I had to deviate Cash so I gave him some treat. While he was eating I put on the "No laughing matter" 12" of the famous anarcho punk band ANTI-SYSTEM. I especially like the B-Side because it contains the smash hit "Aninmal welfare", though I like the version of this song with their first line up the best!

Okay the stitchin was almost done and I wanted to watch some episode of LITTLE BRITAIN but first I wanted to end the musical journey with somethin extrem. I put on the IN DISGUST "Reality choke" 10". In case you don´t know them already, they play very harsh noisegrind like THOUSANDSWILLDIE (Who ripped me off btw, but I will tell you later about theses assholes). Even Cash admitted: "Holy fuck, this is some intense shit!!!" IN DISGUST rules!

Normally I wanted to watch DVD then, but I realized that I got a reply on my appeal to get the lyrics to the MORBID HUMOR song(s)"Oh my god" Pt. I+II. I got the lyrics from nobody but Nogsy (vocalist) himself!!! So I HAD TO listen to the ANTI-SYSTEM / MORBID HUMOR Split 7" again like I did so often during the last weeks. "Oh my god" is such an incredible good song and now that I have the lyrics it´s even better!
I´m going to upload it soon, okay?

Cheers friends

Rob (and Cash)


Papst Benedikt XVI hat gesagt…

hahaha, Chabo und ich machen so ziemlich das gleiche!

Robi_Wan hat gesagt…

Bombe! :-)

Papst Benedikt XVI hat gesagt…

allerdings sind wir heute sehr Neuseeland fixiert!

Robi_Wan hat gesagt…

Ach ein Motto Abend? Auch eine nette Idee!!

Papst Benedikt XVI hat gesagt…

nix motto abend! hab da zufällig ein paar neue noch unveröffentlichte sachen bekommen und die mussten dann natürlich gecheckt werden! dazwischen gabs aber auch sachen wie die THE DEAD 7", die B.U.B.D. bzw BG 7"es und den TORONTO OMNIBUS sampler wegen LEGION DCLXVI und HAYMAKER!
ah ja und den Reno sampler haben wir uns angehört und alles darauf was nicht IRON LUNG od. VAE VICTIS ist, ist dreck war das traurige ergebnis!

Robi_Wan hat gesagt…

The dead 7"???
Naja Musik mag ja klar gehen, aber deren Bassist war n Vollhorst!!!