Freitag, 12. Dezember 2008

WOJCZECH - Sedimente

Everytime I listen to WOJCZECH I realize their potential but their ability always suffers from a very bad sound production. Someone told me that 2005 album `Sedimente´ is very good because of real good production. So I gave them another try and I was thrilled!! It sounds really good indeed!! Think of a mix of crust, modern, atmospheric D-Beat ala TRAGEDY or even FROM ASHES RISE and tons of CYNESS styled grindcore!! Sounds good? Yes it definately is!! The grind parts are played at maximum speed and the slower parts are real diversified and sometimes even melodic! WOJCZECH were always some kind of a mediocre split side band to me like UNHOLY GRAVE or AGATHOCLES (I guess some people are going to kill me now)because of their awful sound, but with this album they proved that they could play mayor league. Haha, I just read that they wrote on themself at their Myspace page: `dozens of sheer unlistenable split"7 / Lps´ concerning their discography. Fortunately this album stands out totally. Their recent release, the tour split 7" with CATHETER is one of their releases with a more dull production again. Pure grindcore on this new split 7". Not bad at all, but I advice you to check out this killer on Selfmade god records!!
In case you´re going to check their Myspace profile first: It doesn´t feature any song from this album at the moment. Just their mentioned weak releases!! So give this record a try anyway!

WOJCZECH - Sedimente
Country: Germany
Label: Selfmade god
Year: 2005
Format: Lp + Cd



Batguano hat gesagt…

I agree with most of what you wrote (although I do like their split with Instinct Of Survival quite a bit).

And, regarding agatho/UG... you won't get any death threats from me!

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Olli hat gesagt…

Werde einfach nicht richtig warm damit. Sorry Robi. Mal schaun wie die live sind, evtl ändert sich dann meine Meinung nochmal.