Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2009

324 / SLIGHT SLAPPERS - Split 7" flexi

This flexi 7" still leaves me speechless. Imagine one of your favourite bands releases the worst record ever!!! Right, this is such an enormous pile of shit!! 324 are my favourite japanese Grindcore band! They have released so much outstanding releases except this one!! You know the sound of 324 for sure, don´t you? Well imagine your neighbour is listening to a 324 live set he recorded with his mobile phone and you are taping this sound with a tape recorder that `s 30 years old. After that recording session you´re putting this tape in the washing machine. After that procedure you are listening to that tape on one of the 80s walkman with extremely crappy headphones. Can you imagine that?
To me it´s a crime putting such horrible crap on a record. The shitty sound of a flexi disc has it´s own part in this shame! Further on there are more things to complain about on this output. There ard NO informations about the 324 side. NOT EVEN A TRACKLIST. There are 2 song on the 324 side (I guess) that I didn´t even cut into parts. I had enough trouble to digitize this shit. My turntable seemed not to realize that there is music on this record... I tried to make the best of it, haha.
Don´t get me wrong: Is ain´t the first 324 ever which they recorded at a rehearsal session. This record was released in 2000. After the band has released such awesome records like the BOUTOKUNOTAIYO album or the SOULWINTER 7". Worst letdown ever!!
The split side of this flexi 7" fits perfect to the crap on the A-side!
Do SLIGHT SLAPPERS really think that this song is funny? At least I know the name of the song. It´s called "Vanette" so the cover says. On the disc it´s called "Banette". The song is labeled as `crazy kids version´, I didn´t pay attention to that but then I realized that the vocals are done by a young child somehow skewed.
Or by some adult, you cannot say because of the voice effect, don´t know, don´t care. One thing I can say: This sucks major time!!! Needless to say that the sound is as shitty as on the 324 side. According to the internet this record was given away at a 324 / SLIGHT SLAPPERS show. My advise: Go download it, give it a listen as long as you can take it, to hear what it´s all about and then delete it because it´s a waste of disc space. Well maybe some of those fucked up noise freaks are into it...
I don´t understand why HG:Fact released such a waste under their flag.

324 / SLIGHT SLAPPERS - Split 7" flexi
Country: Japan
Label: HG Fact
Year: 2000
Format: 7" flexi



Batguano hat gesagt…

With a description like that, I gotta download this thing...

It's too bad, because when I saw that these two great bands shared a split, I almost shit myself with excitement!

Robi_Wan hat gesagt…

So did I !!!! So tell me what you think about it...

Batguano hat gesagt…

Well, is the 324 track supposed to be zero seconds long? I think something went wrong... maybe that's a good thing.

And, yeah, the Slight Slappers side is a sad joke. I'm glad I satisfied my curiosity, but I won't be listening to this again!

Count Yorga hat gesagt…

Hmm, die Split Flexi kenne ich noch gar nicht.... Slight Slappers haben eigentlich immer gerockt. Mal sehen...

Robi_Wan hat gesagt…

Damn, Batguano you´re right.
I´m going to upload it again.
More effort this record deserves!

incensestick hat gesagt…

thank you for your efforts here!! Can you upload this again? It's still half release... the split is still...splitted!
If you like Masao's early band Eroded you can find that stuff at lockjaw-yappy blog... great blog, great stuff there!


Hey Brother, can you re-up the Slight Slappers/324 - Split ?
Would be greatly appreciated !