Freitag, 2. Januar 2009


Happy new year folks. The new year hasn´t even started properbly yet and I already got the aspirant for the coolest package 2009. I´m talking about the new THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE / SHANK split 7". It was released on SCHIZOPHRENIC records and it´s limited to 300 copies so hurry up. Because I´m better than you I received a copy of the special edition limited to 100 copies and that edition is special indeed!!!!!
Take a look:

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

Awsome, isn´t it? Okay just some collector nerd shit, who cares!? :-)

This is what THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE wrote:
"A limited edition of the 7” includes an additional 7x15 sleeve, colour vinyl and an extra non-playable disc. The Chew hand stenciled the extra sleeve and non-playable disc. The limited edition is hand numbered out of 100 copies; however we only have approximately 60 for sale. These records are available on a first come first served basis."
Of course the special edition is long gone!

HERE you can find some more informations about this beauty.

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