Donnerstag, 19. März 2009

EXTORTION - Terminal cancer 7"

As you know, this is the recent EXTORTION 7" called Terminal cancer. The reason why I ripped my copy for you is that it seems that many people didn´t get their hands on this. So a lot of people who missed out asked me to rip my copy, that´s why I post a new record here, something I actually refuse. You might have heard that this EXTORTION stuff is different! They wanted to create something completely raw so they recorded these song on a Yamaha MT3X in a room. Check out the effect yourself. So raw and pissed like they´ve never sounded before (exept for their demo tape). Holy crap this 7" sounds so filthy and harsh. That´s what I needed after their disappointing split 5". Too bad only a few people were able to buy this gem!! I don´t even know why. Maybe it´s because of a bad distribution, SHORTFUSE records don´t even have an online presence and WAY BACK records don´t even mention attendance on this release on their homepage! I got my copy from Painkiller records but I was very lucky. Their copies were sold within days. Maybe there are 400 copies left under the bed of the head of SHORTFUSE records, I don´t know. I wish you all the best to get a copy of this amazing EXTORTION record. Check it out, you´re gonna love it!

EXTORTION - Terminal cancer
Country: Australia
Label: Shortfuse / Way back when
Year: 2009
Format: 7"


Update: I received a snotty mail from Ronald (Way back when records) who seems to be pissed about what I wrote about Way back when records. So I stand corrected: check their incredible awsome killer webpage
(When I posted it, it hasn´t been mentioned on the wbw homepage!)


Perro hat gesagt…

I got this directly from Shortfuse with no problem at all.
Here's their contact (that I got from Extortion my space):
Clint, the guy who run Shortfuse, has been very nice, friendly and sent out my stuff very quickly and well packaged. He told me they pressed 1000 copies of this so I'm sure there are still heaps available.

Robi_Wan hat gesagt…

Great news!
Thanks for the informations!!

Olli hat gesagt…

Want it NOW!!! :(

Toxik Boys hat gesagt…

Thanks for the ripped!

Anonym hat gesagt…


Anonym hat gesagt…

hell yeah!

listened to this all day long!

Hate Your Guts hat gesagt…

You can purchase this release, aswell as many other great releases here -

Olli hat gesagt…

Jetzt endlich beim senator erhältlich (angeblich)
Ich glaubs erst wenn ich die 7" in den Händen halt. Bis dahin *freu