Dienstag, 17. März 2009

INTO THE GORE - Bureau of disgust Cd

George one of the singers of INTO THE GORE wrote me about Mosh Eisley and asked me if I could post the last Cd of his band. I am a nice guy and Chris and I strongly believe in the Network of friends attitude so I agreed right away without even knowing INTO THE GORE.
When I received the Cd some days ago and gave it a try I was simply blow away!
I wanted to post the Cd to do him a favour at first but now I love to post it because it´s simply amazing. Their sound is described as death grind, but that´s too trivial to me. The guitars are very hardcore-ish almost punk-styled. Okay the drums sound kinda metal but I´d call it just very fast hardcore, filled with tons of blast beats and crunchy breakdowns. Two singers who do the high / low pitched vocals job. Really brutal shit!!!
Unfortunately the band split up after the tragical fatal motorcycle accident of Michale Alexander their co-founder, guitar player and high pitched singer. I never really realized the music scene of Greece but if there are more incredible bands like INTO THE GORE I should definately check it out. The Cd comes in a very cool digi pack, very extensive. George told me that he´d love to find a record label who´d release this album on vinyl. If somebody could help them out with the idea of releasing it on vinyl please get in touch with them through the myspace profile. Fasten your seat belts and check out this intense heavy band!!

INTO THE GORE - Bureau of disgust
Country: Greece
Label: Venerate Industries / Blastbeat Mailmurder
Year: 2006
Format: Cd



chrisapproach hat gesagt…

network of nerds haha ;).
die band ist genau meine kragenweite,thx.
freu mich über diesen post!

Loathsome hat gesagt…

Thank you for your kind words!
Anyone interested in the band contact me at : loathsomegrindcore@gmail.com

Anonym hat gesagt…

this is a real good record. even if i'm usual no big fan of the high/low pitched vocals, this fits very well.
i think, i mostly like the punk edge wich is kept in the songs.

great output.

Count Yorga hat gesagt…

woooh... this will blow away your pants !! Never heared such kind of music from a greek band . I thought there only crustbands haha. Really great recording, thumbs up !!

Will Fastcore hat gesagt…

This band rips!!