Samstag, 28. Juni 2008

GRACE WILL FALL - Split w/ M:40

File under: Goddammit, maybe I´d have recognised your great band earlier if you wouldn´t have chosen such a bad name, which reminds me of lame 90s screamo hardcore!
GRACE WILL FALL simply blew me away! It seems that I missed them all the time though they are very famous by now. In my opinion they play a swedisch mix of REFUSED and FROM ASHES RISE. Catchy though hard, atmospheric though harsh. Varied though brutal! The singer roars very aggressive and reminds me of the ROTTEN SOUND vocal works. The music has a very cool drive and variety and complexity. Again I´m not able to find the right words to describe how good this stuff is. Just check it out, especially the song Moralens stank!!
On the other side we have M:40, also from Sweden. More `In your face Hardcore´ but also very atmospheric, even more agressive but less complex. A good b-side on this split 7"

GRACE WILL FALL - Split w/ M:40
Country: Sweden
Label: Halvfabrikat, Hobo Records
Year: 2006
Format: 7"



Soy-Black hat gesagt…

Klingt echt ganz cool und mit dem Namen ging mir das auch so, Abschreckalarm³ :D

Z hat gesagt…

Good stuff, Moralens stank is a really good song, I heard songs from Grace will fall's 2007 full length that didnt sound as great as this.