Freitag, 13. Juni 2008


Sorry for my laziness, I am too busy listening to the new EXTORTION 12" 50 times a day!
Sell all your records, you just need this one!
Buy this incredible record from your local record dealer or at least download it here!
Already the best release in 2008!!!


Papst Benedikt XVI hat gesagt…

@ chris:

danke für die prompte hilfe!

beide CALIFORNIA LOVE alben wären cool!

sind alles sachen die mir der GEHENNA sänger empfohlen hat und die ich jetzt mal checken will!

chrisapproach hat gesagt…

i now have the lp version here.its kind of astonishing:lyrically this is a concept album which deals with being sick and in the end dying of the h5n1 virus.all songs deal with this theme.
the best song for me here is "phone in sick" which is about calling your workplace and saying that you stay home because of being sick.

chrisapproach hat gesagt…

my only complaint:the bass sound is way too silent!
on the other hand i say this with every second record.
perhaps that has something to do with me playing bass myself haha.

matt haydon hat gesagt…

agreed im listening to it right now and i have to shit so bad i just cant tear my self a way one might say im "bedridden" haha bad joke sorry

chrisapproach hat gesagt…

i had to smirk matt ;)