Dienstag, 24. Juni 2008

SFN - Demo

Here are the reasons why I uploaded this record. First off: The music is amazing. Harsh powerviolence with an ultra raw demo production (in fact this IS the 7" version of the `fouled nest´ demo!). Second reason: the layout and all frills of this records is a total rip off. 625 has done an awful job here. Just a cardboard, no titles, you have to guess the songs by the lyrics which is almost impossible. Thx to the band I know the titles in the right order by now, so I was able to tag the songs right. Last but not least, limited to only 300 copies bla bla... Now for the music: Like I said SFN play total harsh powerviolence in the vain of IRON LUNG but faster. Less slow parts mainly blastbeats. This is truly the new generation - half your age and twice as good as your band. I added the crappy outro just to make this 7" complete. It really sucks. I recommend deleting it to spare discspace. Now go listen to the punishing demo songs of Something for Nothing. I think think this is what SFN stands for.

SFN - Demo
Country: USA
Label: 625 Thrash
Year: 2008
Format: 7"



MYK-O hat gesagt…

great band,awesome sick blastcore, thank you.

Diskarma hat gesagt…

BIG UPS. i got this in San Francisco on green vinyl. sick shit, those kids are kicking ass.

Anonym hat gesagt…

SFN= Stands For Nothing

Anonym hat gesagt…

SFN= Stupid Fucking Names