Samstag, 28. Juni 2008

GRACE WILL FALL - Split w/ M:40

File under: Goddammit, maybe I´d have recognised your great band earlier if you wouldn´t have chosen such a bad name, which reminds me of lame 90s screamo hardcore!
GRACE WILL FALL simply blew me away! It seems that I missed them all the time though they are very famous by now. In my opinion they play a swedisch mix of REFUSED and FROM ASHES RISE. Catchy though hard, atmospheric though harsh. Varied though brutal! The singer roars very aggressive and reminds me of the ROTTEN SOUND vocal works. The music has a very cool drive and variety and complexity. Again I´m not able to find the right words to describe how good this stuff is. Just check it out, especially the song Moralens stank!!
On the other side we have M:40, also from Sweden. More `In your face Hardcore´ but also very atmospheric, even more agressive but less complex. A good b-side on this split 7"

GRACE WILL FALL - Split w/ M:40
Country: Sweden
Label: Halvfabrikat, Hobo Records
Year: 2006
Format: 7"



DUDMAN definetly needs no introducion. The Japan thrashcore veterans released so many records, that it´s almost inpossible that you´ve missed them. This 7" is outstanding for sure. It contains some of the best recordings and songs DUDMAN ever did. I think these recordings are backdated to 1998, that means Nate, their later singer didn't take part in them yet.
The songs are slightly different than their recent outputs. Still fast as hell but kind of cleaner. Not that noisy and distorded. The vocals are more clearly than Nathaniel vocal work. Definately a classic on Rhetoric records.
Aaaah right... The split side: CRUEL FACE from Brasil. Well this band could be good if they´d play their blast parts a little bit longer. Slow to average fast Hardcorepunk with very few good fast parts. All in all kind of boring to me. Another split 7" I have because of one side, but this side is more than worth.

Country: Japan / Brasil
Label: Rhetoric
Year: 1998
Format: 7"


Dienstag, 24. Juni 2008

SFN - Demo

Here are the reasons why I uploaded this record. First off: The music is amazing. Harsh powerviolence with an ultra raw demo production (in fact this IS the 7" version of the `fouled nest´ demo!). Second reason: the layout and all frills of this records is a total rip off. 625 has done an awful job here. Just a cardboard, no titles, you have to guess the songs by the lyrics which is almost impossible. Thx to the band I know the titles in the right order by now, so I was able to tag the songs right. Last but not least, limited to only 300 copies bla bla... Now for the music: Like I said SFN play total harsh powerviolence in the vain of IRON LUNG but faster. Less slow parts mainly blastbeats. This is truly the new generation - half your age and twice as good as your band. I added the crappy outro just to make this 7" complete. It really sucks. I recommend deleting it to spare discspace. Now go listen to the punishing demo songs of Something for Nothing. I think think this is what SFN stands for.

SFN - Demo
Country: USA
Label: 625 Thrash
Year: 2008
Format: 7"


Sonntag, 15. Juni 2008

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Freitag, 13. Juni 2008


Sorry for my laziness, I am too busy listening to the new EXTORTION 12" 50 times a day!
Sell all your records, you just need this one!
Buy this incredible record from your local record dealer or at least download it here!
Already the best release in 2008!!!