Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2009

HATRED SURGE - Con artist / lack of intelligence 5"

Here we have the highly treasured 5" of the famous one-man grind project HATRED SURGE. It contains only 2 songs from 2005 that were meant to be on some compilations. It seems that theses comilations never saw the light of day so Alex Hughes the man behind HATRED SURGE deceided to release them as a 5". Basically this is more of a collectors item because it contains only 2 song and even one of them is a DISRUPT cover song. The sound quality is moderate, kinda rough. I like their own song "Con artist" best because it has a lot of power and the female vocals make it more diverse. Released by Rescued from Life records, the label who already brought you killer releases by KILL THE CLIENT, PLF, SYPHILIC VAGINAS, NOISEAR and so on and so on.
Clear wax, limited to 100 copies, already way to expensive to get a copy, so go download it.

HATRED SURGE - Con artist / Lack of intelligence
Country: USA
Label: Rescued from life
Year: 2008
Format: 5"



Papst Benedikt XVI hat gesagt…

gibt 2 pressungen a 100 stück!

Robi_Wan hat gesagt…

ja ich weiss, aber die sehen unterschiedlich aus.

Stormy hat gesagt…

Thanks for this. I have a Hatred Surge discography, but i'm not sure these tracks are on it. Great blog!

Please link my new blog to yours:
I'll do the same
Cheers, vin