Freitag, 6. Februar 2009

VA - TO LIVE A LIE Three year sampler Cd

I already wanted to post this compilation some time ago, but for some reasons I never managed to do so. The reason why I kick myself up the arse to post this Cd at last is that Will from TO LIFE A LIE records seemd to have some problems encoding it with a proper rate. So here it is, encoded with 320 kbs. Like you´ve properbly realized this is a TO LIFE A LIE label sampler. TLAL doesn´t need any introducion of course. This Cd feature the bands TLAL records has released records / cds of, within the last 3 years (must have been 4 already - I´ve ordered my copy of this in August 2008). This comp features some of the most famous acts in extreme music but on the other hand it contains bands even I never heard of [/cocky mode]!!! "Creme de la Creme" meets "give them a try", that what I call perfect mix. It even means something personal to me, because on this compilation I heard FINAL DRAFT for the very first time, who became one of my favourite bands! Thx to this cd.
51 songs on a pro-pressed cd for only 1.50$!! Hello? Why didn´t you order your copy already? What you get are songs of FINAL DRAFT, P.L.F., BLOODY PHOENIX, MAGRUDERGRIND, MESERINE, PROLETAR, UNHOLY GRAVE, FxPxÖx, AGATHOCLES, XBRAINIAX, GODSTOMPER and so on and so on!!! All songs have been released on TLAL records yet, so what? Do you have all the TLAL releases? Generally I hate cd-only releases but I don´t dare to complain for only 1.50$ a copy.
At least download it here and drop Will a line about how great it is!

VA - TO LIVE A LIE Three year sampler Cd
Country: worldwide
Label: To live a lie records
Year: 2008
Format: Cd



mks hat gesagt…

hui.. war schon was länger nich mehr auf eurer seite, is ja wieder einiges dazugekommen..
geiler scheizz - weitermachen!

xMAULFAULx hat gesagt…

Pure fiiiiiiillltttthhhh. Sweet. Have discovered some new deliciously antisocial hymns on this one.
And thanks for the "proper rate". Us Bitratenspiesser have to stick together!

Essig hat gesagt…

klasse sampler. hab ein par neue bands entdeckt.
thanx once again

C. Troutman hat gesagt…

Schade, dass dus nicht getaggt hast, aber trotzdem danke für die den high quality-rip :)

Robi_Wan hat gesagt…

Nicht getagged??? Moment mal, eben checken

C. Troutman hat gesagt…

jau, die songs sind leider nur benannt, nicht im IDv2 oder IDv3 getaggt. aber halb so schlimm :)

Olli hat gesagt…

Auch mal schnell bestellt. 1,50Euros inkl Porto (!) ist echt ein Witz. Dann kann nix schiefgehen...