Freitag, 6. Februar 2009

VA - TO LIVE A LIE Three year sampler Cd

I already wanted to post this compilation some time ago, but for some reasons I never managed to do so. The reason why I kick myself up the arse to post this Cd at last is that Will from TO LIFE A LIE records seemd to have some problems encoding it with a proper rate. So here it is, encoded with 320 kbs. Like you´ve properbly realized this is a TO LIFE A LIE label sampler. TLAL doesn´t need any introducion of course. This Cd feature the bands TLAL records has released records / cds of, within the last 3 years (must have been 4 already - I´ve ordered my copy of this in August 2008). This comp features some of the most famous acts in extreme music but on the other hand it contains bands even I never heard of [/cocky mode]!!! "Creme de la Creme" meets "give them a try", that what I call perfect mix. It even means something personal to me, because on this compilation I heard FINAL DRAFT for the very first time, who became one of my favourite bands! Thx to this cd.
51 songs on a pro-pressed cd for only 1.50$!! Hello? Why didn´t you order your copy already? What you get are songs of FINAL DRAFT, P.L.F., BLOODY PHOENIX, MAGRUDERGRIND, MESERINE, PROLETAR, UNHOLY GRAVE, FxPxÖx, AGATHOCLES, XBRAINIAX, GODSTOMPER and so on and so on!!! All songs have been released on TLAL records yet, so what? Do you have all the TLAL releases? Generally I hate cd-only releases but I don´t dare to complain for only 1.50$ a copy.
At least download it here and drop Will a line about how great it is!

VA - TO LIVE A LIE Three year sampler Cd
Country: worldwide
Label: To live a lie records
Year: 2008
Format: Cd



Attentive readers of this blog already know that I´m a great admirer of IN DISGUST. Since I received their 10" called "Reality choke" I´m totally in love. Here we have a killer team up and it´s more of a team up then any other split records. This not one of thoses split releases where each band has its own side. The songs were recorded together live @ radio KFJC. Two bands, one room, one session. That means both bands alternate. The set beginns with a coin-tossing game and then all hell breaks loose.
This split 7" is called "Audio terrorism". A title that fits perfectly: This is really harsh, noisy grind violence that will terrorize the ears of weakling. Promising, isn´t it? :-)
Even GODSTOMPER, a band that normally doesn´t kick me sound insane here. Nasty grindcore with some electronical background noises. The band has been around for years and you properbly own some records of them yourself. They released tons of (split) releases. [By the way, you can download their "Anarchy USA" HERE but beware: it´s just experimental, electronical low-fi beats / noise. No grindcore here at all!!]
IN DISGUST do what they are best at: Incredible brutal grindcore that takes no prisoners. They recently released a discography Cd on Torture Garden Picture Company containing the 10" all 3 split 7", the demo and 2 unreleased songs! Can somebody send me the 2 unreleased songs? I have all their other releases. Just need the unreleased stuff. Thx!
This 7" has no tracklist and there are almost no breaks between the songs, so I just tagged this 7" just into side a (started by IN DISGUST 5:21 min) and - b (beginns with GODSTOMPER 6:00 min). Seperating the songs would have disempowered the recording anyway.

Country: USA
Label: Unholy Thrash records
Year: 2008
Format: 7"


Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2009

HATRED SURGE - Con artist / lack of intelligence 5"

Here we have the highly treasured 5" of the famous one-man grind project HATRED SURGE. It contains only 2 songs from 2005 that were meant to be on some compilations. It seems that theses comilations never saw the light of day so Alex Hughes the man behind HATRED SURGE deceided to release them as a 5". Basically this is more of a collectors item because it contains only 2 song and even one of them is a DISRUPT cover song. The sound quality is moderate, kinda rough. I like their own song "Con artist" best because it has a lot of power and the female vocals make it more diverse. Released by Rescued from Life records, the label who already brought you killer releases by KILL THE CLIENT, PLF, SYPHILIC VAGINAS, NOISEAR and so on and so on.
Clear wax, limited to 100 copies, already way to expensive to get a copy, so go download it.

HATRED SURGE - Con artist / Lack of intelligence
Country: USA
Label: Rescued from life
Year: 2008
Format: 5"


PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI - De Anarkistiske An(n)aler

Today I received the new PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI Lp called "De Anarkistiske An(n)aler". OH MY GOD!!! I already thought that the demos were ultra brutal and tight. But the new album takes it even one step further into extremity. It sounds so pissed, so angry. The music is so tight and well arranged. No just simple grindcore, it´s really diverse! The production is so good, not overproduced like some Relapse bands, but´s it´s a high quality production that fits to the music perfectly. Everything´s done by a single man. That´s what I call DIY!! Everything seems perfect about this Norwegian death machine!
Though I know that MØLLEN the man behind PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI likes the idea of getting records at blogs, I´m not going to upload this new album here yet. Well, I´m going to ask Steven Crucificados who, along with 625 Thrash has released this record what he thinks about downloading it here.
I want everybody to buy this lp anyway!! I mean everyone of you. Not just because it features one of the best grindcore sounds recently, MØLLEN is such a nice guy and the labels are worthy the support.

Anticipate the next PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI releases:
- Regnskog, Fred og Vegetarmat 7" EP (625, Crucificados)
- Parlamentarisk Sodomi/Blodsprut split 7" EP (Crucificados)

Have you order it yet? Well go on then!!!!

PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI - De Anarkistiske An(n)aler
Country: Norway
Label: 625 Thrash / Crucificados
Year: 2009
Format: Lp