Samstag, 25. Juli 2015

HAYMAKER - 10 Bucks Worth of Rope….

Ok I HAVE to share this with the world because it´s just too cool. Besides only 200 people can call this amazing set their own and it´s "never to be re-issued"!! This set combines 3 things I love:
- One of my alltime Top 5 Harcore bands HAYMAKER
- Pushead artwork
- Skateboarding (though I havent been skating for years anymore)

Musically the HAYMAKER 7" contains 2 skate-related tracks "Waxed curbes" and "Skate like shit" + 3 UNRELEASED songs!!! It has beed released by Murder Contest Records which is a A389 sub label. After the 2013 LEFT FOR DEAD 7" this is the second release on MURDER CONTEST. The 7" is only available in this set, so I had to step up. 4 people in Europe shared so much love for this band so they teamed up to order 4 sets of this insanity. Willem / LEFT FOR DEAD was one of these 4 EU maniacs and made this possible (THX Bro!) So 4 of these sets went from the US to the Netherlands (where Willem lives) to Sandro RSR (Office Team Haymaker / Germany) who sent me #158/200. Hardcore worldwide, I fucking love it! Compared to the listing at Discogs what this set is containing there are different versions of the including goodies. Mine lacks the listed FLATSPOT SKATES embroided patch and - sticker but has a 2nd Haymaker sticker that isn´t listed at Discogs. The Flatspot goodies aint that important to me so this is no big deal. Enough talking, let these pictures talk for this set!!!:

Oh, I just realized the the labels are reversed!!



Killer, hahaha, that's awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Haymaker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is this for dload Brother ?
I don't see link.
Just curious :)


Anonym hat gesagt…

ep download would be great!!