Samstag, 6. September 2008

HARMS WAY - s/t 7"

Though I have tons of other records I´d like to post, I´m going to privilege this 7" because it has been a request of our loyal supporter `XessigyouthX´. So here it is buddy, the new HARM´S WAY 7". Well it ain´t that new anymore. I received my copy about 2 month ago. I had some hassle with the label Organized Crime where I purchased it, but HARM`S WAY were very kind and helped me solving the problem... Some people might think that H.W. are some kind of tough guy band because their singer makes Arnold Schwarzenegger look like Steve Urkel but be sure they ain´t jocks or even tough!
If you take them serious you cannot be helped. Come on, their bassplayer also plays in WEEKEND NACHOS...
Actually I wanted to dissociate from upload all the new released records but hey, this 7" is one-sided and has only 2 songs!! So I have a bad feeling telling you to buy this one, especially because these 2 songs will also appear on their upcoming album which is announced for fall 2008!! Musically their new material is more INTEGRITY style. Very heavy and not fast at all. Heavyweight breakdowns and very evil sounding. Yeah I think the comparison with INTEGRITY is very good. Lyrics on religion and anger for the entire human race. Scary huh? ;-) The limited grey wax version is sold out of course but you can purchase the regular verion without problems.

HARM´S WAY - s/t
Country: USA
Label: Organized Crime
Year: 2008
Format: 7" (one-sided)



xEssigyouthx hat gesagt…

hey rob! vielen dank!

wusste gar nicht, dass die ne lp rausbringen. aber gut zu hören.
der style hat scih tatsächlich etwas geändeert. ich finds geil und freu mich auf ein ganzen album.

danke nochmal!



tanks man!!


Olli hat gesagt…

Verstehe zwar den Zweck dieses Release nicht, aber geil ist`s natürlich trotzdem. Lp wird cann gekauft. Danke nochmal.

xEssigyouthx hat gesagt…

diese 2songs vorab 7inches sind wirklich überflüssig. wird aber ja immer mehr gemacht.

Robi_Wan hat gesagt…

deswegen hatte ich ja keine skrupel die für euch hochzuladen