Samstag, 6. September 2008

PLF - Crushing Fury Of Bastardization LP PRE-ORDER

Now you can pre-order the second LP of PLF called "Crushing Fury Of Bastardization".
After a couple of split 7”s with bands like MASSGRAVE, UZI SUICIDE, UNHOLY GRAVE, MESRINE
and the "Pulverizing Lethal Force" album from 2007, here comes the second LP from
this Houston/Texas based grinding thrash commando including a DENAK cover.

Straight forward grindcore with heavily thrash influenced guitarwork will make your ears bleed.
Imagine ASSÜCK is playing SODOM songs in a dirty texan basement.
No bullshit - this is total ripping circle pit approved grindcore for the punks!

Pre-orders get BLUE VINYL for €10 a piece.

Postagecosts inside Germany: €4
Postagecosts inside the EU: €6
Postagecosts worldwide: €8

Send your orders to:

Cyness Records – Leipziger Str. 60, 14473 Potsdam, Germany

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