Samstag, 6. September 2008

HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - Diagnosis: delicious 7"

In my opinion this 7" is the best output from HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH to date. It´s called "Diagnosis: delicious" an the titel describes this 7" perfectly. As always: Turbo high speed thrashcore. The lyrics sometimes hilarioius (bully moshpit), sometimes serious (black is the new white)but always VERY good. H.O.D. are one of the top bands when it comes to the new wave of power violence. I guess I don´t have to tell you anymore about how good this band is. I mean, what can go wrong when a band calls a song `Hope you like infest´? Go download their 5" and their split 10" I posted earlier. The band is preparing a lot of new releases and attendances on some compilations, so stay on the alert.
Ah, can somebody provide me the songs from the demo tape and the split 7" w/ Pile Of Maggot Infested Viscera? Thx.

HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - Diagnosis: delicious
Country: USA
Label: I-Deal / 625 Thrash / Give praise
Year: 2006
Format: 7"



Papst Benedikt XVI hat gesagt…

brilliantes teil!

Anonym hat gesagt…

any chance you ever came across their split with pile of maggot infested viscera?

Robi_Wan hat gesagt…

I´ve got the split tape by now and it was ripped already.
So be prepared...