Samstag, 26. April 2008

EA80 - Mixtape

The recent 7" by flawless German cult punk band EA80. I am one of the lucky 600 people who had the opportunity buying this record from the band at one of their shows. That means I won´t have to pay horrible prices at ebay and I don´t have to go down on some asshole collector to get a copy. Yes of course this one is sold out. I realized some people at the EA80 show saying that they just bought it to sell it at ebay. I hate those scumfucks. You have to love this record and I´m not going to sell it ever. What makes this record so lovable? Well it was simply made with love so it seems. Side A contains 2 Songs. Both songs run at the same time in two parallel spines. How awsome is that? (I thing Fucked up did such a gimmick as well didn´t they?) No flipping sides anymore ;-) Side B has an etching done by Martin, singer of the band. Well this 7" is limited to 600 copies, but instead of handwritten numbers ever copy has the songtitles handwritten on the back. In fact on the tape case, which is printed on the backcover. Amazing idea, even better than numbers.
Now enjoy the two awesome songs. "Mixtape" a bitter sweet symphony full of melancholy and "Wer will mich daran hindern" is a fast punkrock smasher!

EA80 - Mixtape
Country: Germany
Label: Squoodge Records
Year:: 2007
Format: 7"



xEssigyouthx hat gesagt…

ich saug das hier jetzt nur wegen SOY-Black

er hat gesagt das wäre keine halma musik!

ich weiss es aber besser!

har har har

Robi_Wan hat gesagt…

Hahahah. Vielleicht nicht DIE Einsteigerplatte für einen der EA80 noch nie gehört hat, was übrigens der mega Frevel ist!!!

Lutzebutz hat gesagt…

wie gesagt, ich hab EA80 mehr auf Punker-Leder geschmiert gesehen als jemals gehört. Trotzdem danke :D

Von Damals hat gesagt…

Vielen Dank dafür. Mit meiner Gehhilfe wär ich alter Sack niemals zum Verkaufsstand gekommen.

Anonym hat gesagt…

yo super, daß du die zugänglich gemacht hast!