Samstag, 26. April 2008

THOUSANDSWILLDIE - A carcass is only dead once

"This is blasphemy! This madness!" - "THIS IS THOUSANDSWILLDIE". What a fucking intense Grindcore 7" this is!! Holy moly. All hail Thousandswilldie from the Bay Area.
Another awesome release from REGURIGITATED SEMEN Records. Their outputs can be bought blindly by now. Killerelease after Killerrelease. Okay back to THOUSANDSWILLDIE: Insane Grindcore Mania. Don´t get me wrong. This bands plays really fucked up, but this is no pure noise. These guys can play! They also have a Demo CD-R on Dying Faith Records and I asked them to send me a copy. They were friendly until I told them that I´m from Germany. From there on I never got any reply again. Thats fucked up, yeah.
Their new Split 7" with PSYCHOFAGIST on Nothing positiv Records should be released by now. Go ask Nothing Positiv Recs, you´ll properbly get a reply no matter where you come from!

(I tagged this 7" as side A and side B. Listen to the songs and you will understand why...)

THOUSANDSWILLDIE- A carcass is only dead once
Country: USA
Label: Regurgitate Semen Records
Year:: 2008
Format: 7"



Fritz hat gesagt…

i saw these play a house show in oakland last year...pretty intense to say the least, it was fun ripping apart some complete strangers living room. if memory serves the other bands on where witch hunt and peligro social?
good stuff, ive got their demo as well.

Robi_Wan hat gesagt…

Thx for your comment. Could you somehow rip the 1000wd demo cd and send it to me?

Mike Stitches hat gesagt…

Hey man. Sorry about the whole demo / shipping to Germany situation. We're working on getting an online store onto our site so people from all over can order our stuff. We will make plenty of noise about it once we have everything online. Very sorry that you did not receive a reply from us. And thank you for posting a review of our 7 inch. :)

Robi_Wan hat gesagt…

Hi Mike.
Thx for your comment. I am not mad about that situation. I wouldn´t have supported you then. I was just a little bit sad.
Thumbs up for the online store.

Mike hat gesagt…

Hey, we finally got the online store going!