Freitag, 25. April 2008

VA - Town of hardcore

[copy n paste]Between 2002 and 2005, Town Of Hardcore fanzine covered bands like Fucked Up, No Warning, Haymaker, Mental, Think I Care, Terror, Violent Minds, Knife Fight, Righteous Jams, Mind Eraser, Iron Boots and more, plus recycled old interviews with bands like COC, Neos, Brotherhood, Straight Ahead, etc. There were also tour diaries, show and record reviews and plenty more that kept this zine fresh every time.[/copy n paste] Issue # 6 contained a 7" with some of the best bands featured in the zine until that point. The main reason why I bought that fanzine is the exclusive HAYMAKER song taken from the "Lost tribe" recording session.
Talking of exclusive tracks. All 9 songs ought to be exclusive tracks featuring following bands: VIOLENT MINDS, PUNCH IN THE FACE, MENTAL,R`N´R, HAYMAKER, FUCKED UP, THINK I CARE, KNIFE FIGHT and SO IT BE. If that ain´t a helluva package! I guess this is the reason why the price of this 7" + fanzine smashes the roof at ebay.
I don´t know if they are still unreleased elsewhere by now. Ah before I forget: This compilation contains some really cool coverversions! VIOLENT MINDS do a Poison Idea cover, KNIFE FIGHT Negative Fx and the outta range cover is from Creedence Clearwater Revival played by R`N´N !!!!
My personal winner on this record is.... I guess I don´t have to tell. ;-)
Ah and by the way, if you are interested in the TOWN OF HARDCORE fanzine. All issues have been repressed as a zineography 300 pages strong!!

VA - Town of hardcore
Land: Canada / USA
Label: Town of hardcore fanzine
Jahr: 2003
Format: 7"


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Papst Benedikt XVI hat gesagt…

danke! das ding und die RTLN/EXHUMED lade ich mir jetzt runter und hör mir die morgen im flugzeug nach london zum SYSTEMATIC DEATH concert an!