Montag, 8. Oktober 2007

MIND ERASER - Glacial Reign LP

Mind Eraser are from Boston.
This album really is a steamroller.For the length of 12 songs Mind Eraser show us their version of HC/Punk.Their sound combines a big dose of Powerviolence and a little bit of Sludge concerning the slower parts (not that many).Hyperfast Passages go hand in hand with slower more doomy parts.The bass sound needs an extra appreciation,it's that good!The guitars are tuned to D so they give the overall sound the power it needs.
If your ears can take some more there are still the vocals to be dealt with haha!
For other releases of the band go here: Homepage

There's still some talk about a Split Lp from Mind Eraser and Fucked Up.This project is already taking a lot of time.I still hope the project gets finished.

Update on this subject:

the collaborative release with fucked up has been completed, however due to numerous contractual agreements and other litigious paper work with the signatures of both groups, as well as other groups that members of these groups are a part of, the release is indefinitely shelved as we're unsure of how it can be legally released. please do not contact either band regarding this release. we have private consults at 2 different law firms specializing in different types of law practice reviewing our affairs and trying to best determine how this music can be made available to consumers

(from the Mind Eraser Blog/Homepage 05/08)

Mind Eraser-Glacial Reign
Land: USA
Jahr: 2006
Label: Painkiller Records
Format: LP/CD


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Anonym hat gesagt…

killer record. inspired me to dig it out. apparently their forthcoming 12" is an absolute rager...

chrisapproach hat gesagt…

wuaaah another record by mind eraser?on which label is it supposed to be released?tell me more!

Anonym hat gesagt…

datei nicht runterladbar??? ah kacke!! wie lange bleiben die downloads denn on??

chrisapproach hat gesagt…

wir haben unseren rapidshare account gekündigt.ich baller das mal eben woanders hoch und tausche die links aus.

Anonym hat gesagt…

super goil... thxxx